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HP ink might be able to use in a different brand printer, but it is recommended that it be used in the HP printer. If you prefer to use HP ink, try buying a HP printer.

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Although, Kodak is a major brand of ink and printers, they are not the most used ink in the world. Lexmark, is the maker of the ink and printers that are most use.

Yes, Canon has many different types of ink jet printers that are reliable and affordable. Canon is an trusted brand among printers. Their ink jet printers are within anyone's budget.

Ink jet printers are used for everday use

I do not think that different brands can be used on different printers. You must have the correct brand and the correct cartridge for you printer that you are wanting to put new cartridges in.

No you can not use Dell ink with other printers as the printer ink cartridges are made specifically for Dell and there are different cartridges for different printer models.

It is because of the different methods used in the printers. Ordinary printers put the ink directly onto paper, while laser printers melt toner against the paper.

IBM offers Brother brand printers. There are several different models including printers for individual home use or businesses. They also offer ink or cartridge refills.

Black color toners are used for laser printers and black color ink cartridges are sued for inkjet printers.

It is probably not a good idea to use HP branded ink cartridges in non-Hp computer. They are mostly designed to work with HP printers and vice vera. It is not a good idea to use them.

Absolutely not! All ink cartridges are specifically designed to fit only in the machine they were made for. Furthermore, different models of the same brand of printer will require it's own unique ink cartridge. They are in no way interchangeable.

The 'CL 41 Ink' is not a camera brand. It is a brand of printers, manufactured by Canon. The 'CL 41 Ink' stands for a cartridge for the CL 41 model printer.

Aqueous inks are mainly used in printers with thermal inkjet heads, as these .... print heads are manufactured by these companies: Kodak Versamark, Trident, .... warrantors can not require that only brand name parts and supplies be used with ...

There are two main types of ink cartridges, colored, and black for HP printers. There are also special kinds of ink cartridges for certain printers.

RFID printers are used to print documents consisting of black and white ink. These printers are not common in households but can be used if one wants to.

No it will not, they have different types of ink cartridges and model of printers too.

While some people prefer to stick with the same brand of ink as the printer itself, there are several compatible ink cartridges for hp printers. The cheapest seems to be the Price Smart Ink cartridge costing $10.99 or you can go with the brand name for around $55.

Printers that are suitable for color photo printing are laser printers, laser color printers, ink-jet printers, and solid ink printers. Laser printers operate by beaming a laser on a drum to create the image, and ink-jet printers work by spraying ionized ink onto a paper.

The printers that use the Dell 720 ink cartridge are the printers which are manufactured by Dell. There are hundreds of Dell printers that use the 720 ink cartridge.

Inkjet type printers spray ink onto the paper.

Laser cartridges are made for laser printers. They are more accurate and produce a print that is more clean than traditional ink cartridges. They should not be used in ink printers.

The HP jet laser printer is a good brand for an office. The HP jet laser printer does everything from scanning, copying, and faxing to great deals on their ink.

Laser printers are very much faster than the traditional ink jet printers. Laser printers provide more speed and accuracy compared to ink jet printers.

Your decision to purchase compatible ink cartridges may come after you have grown tired of the high cost that is often associated with different name-brand ink products. There are some generic inks out there that can fit well with some printers. One problem that is often reported with these items is that the ink doesn't usually last as long as with different ink cartridges.

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

Yes, typically the same ink is used in both these types of printers. However, the actual ink cartridges themselves are often different. You may want to check out the article here for more information:

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