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Yes. That's what you're doing when you eat meat.

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How do animal cells obtain energy?

they obtain energy from glucose

Does grass obtain energy from the sun directly or indirectly?


Do zebra's obtain energy from the sun directly or indirectly?

Directly... A Zebra obtains energy directly because it is a producer.

Does grass obtain energy directly from the sun?


How bacteria obtain food and energy?

They eat anything a human or animal can eat to obtain food and energy.

Does a lion obtain energy from the sun directly or Indirectly?

All animals, including lions, obtain their energy from the sun indirectly.

Does a zebra obtain energy from the sun directly or indirectly?

Indirectly because if the zebra couldn't get energy from the sun directly and it was a heterotroph

Autotrophs that obtain energy directly from the sun are known as?


How plants and animal obtain energy?

Plants get energy by photosythesis while animals get energy by plants.

Organism that obtain energy directly from inorganic molecules?

Chemosynthetic bacteria .

Unlike photoautotrophs chemoautotrophs obtain energy by?

directly from chemical reactions

Which process is not required for an animal to obtain energy from food?

Animals obtain energy from the processes of ingestion, digestion, and secretion. Excretion of wastes is not required.

What organism in the soil food chain does not obtain energy directly from plants?


How plant and animal cells obtain and release energy?

animal cells, through respiration in the cells.

Plant and animal cells break down sugar in order to obtain what?

They obtain energy which is released by the process of respiration.

What type of organism can obtain energy directly from any of the other organisms in an ecosystem?


How do flagellates obtain energy?

Flagellates obtain energy from many different sources. Some may "eat" other microorganisms, while others consume plants and still others get energy directly from the sun.

Does a lion obtain energy directly from the sun or indirectly?

Lions receive energy from the sun indirectly through the food they consume.

The animal kingdom consists of organisms that?

must obtain energy through digestion

How do animals obtain energy?

Animals obtain energy by eating a plant or another animal who has eaten a plant. The plant gets it's energy from mixing nitrogen, water, carbon dioxcide with sunlight.

How cell obtain energy from food?

Living organisms obtain energy from carbohydrates and fats. Animal and plant cells differ by means of harnessing energy, but they utilize it in similar ways. Animal cells perform cellular respiration in the mitochondria to obtain energy from glucose (sugar/carbohydrate). Plant cells undergo photosynthesis within an organelle called Chloroplast to convert sunlight into glucose. Plants break the glucose down into energy in their mitochondrion just as animal cells do.

Where do organisms obtain they energy?

Producer (mostly plant) synthesized their energy from the sun, consumer (mostly animal) either obtain the energy by eating plant or other organism and decomposer (mostly microbe and fungi) obtain energy in the remains of dead organism or waste excrete from consumer organism.

What type of organism can obtain energy directly from any other organism in an ecosystem?

Secondary and tertiary consumers.

What do Nearly all living things obtain energy either directly or?

Photosynthesis gives plants energy, and when animals eat the plants, they gain energy from the plants. And, of course, when animals eat other animals, they indirectly obtain energy from the plants, which get their energy from the sun. So, the answer would be the sun.

An animal that migrates great distances would obtain the greatest benefit from storing its energy as?


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