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If they can find a werewolf that will bite them and not eat them, then yes

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โˆ™ 2010-03-06 00:00:31
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Q: Can humans acquire supernatural powers
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What is the easiest way to acquire supernatural power?

one cannot aquire supernatural powers, hence the description "supernatural" meaning beyond nature.

How can you immediately acquire supernatural powers and control others?

Sorry, you cannot

How do supernatural powers haunt humans?

What haunts humans about supernatural events is that we can't explain them. We want to know everything and if we can't understand myths are made to explain.

How could humans have supernatural powers?

Every human can have that supernatural powers but it is all bout knowing how develop your inner energy and knowing how to control it. That can help you to do extra ordinary things.

Can supernatural powers be seen?

There is no such thing as supernatural powers.

How can you get supernatural power to acquire wealth?

There is no supernatural power to acquire wealth. However, education and hard work can help a lot.

What were Athena's supernatural powers?

Athena's supernatural powers are wisdom and battle strategy.

How you use supernatural in a sentence?

The main characters of H2o had supernatural powers.

Is the sentence spiritualists commune in supernatural powers grammatically correct?

No, it should be "Spiritualists commune with supernatural powers."

Are supernatural powers true or false?

Some people say that supernatural powers do or don't exist. In actuality supernatural powers do exist. People like ghost hunters and priests who perform exorcists encounter supernatural powers or beings such as ghosts, demons, and angels. If you are part of Christianity or almost any other religion they speak of some god. In my case I am a Christian so I believe in God. I also believe in angels which are supernatural beings, as well as demons. So supernatural powers do exist, but I don't believe that you should mess with supernatural powers because they can be really dangerous.

How do you know if you have supernatural powers?

Most humans experience mild supernatural occurrences during their lifetime. Typically it is in the form of knowing someone was going to call, or that something bad was going to happen. There seems to be some extra sense humans have that we haven't discovered yet scientifically that helps us to do this. Yet, some people seem to display powers above and beyond this. If you experience more pronounced experiences than the random occurrences everyone sometimes experiences, then you may very well have supernatural powers. The problem is that there are no documented cases of this, and usually it is imagination or coincidence.

Do I have supernatural powers?

If you had them you wouldn't be asking

Is it impossible to get supernatural powers?

Ah! Mere mortals thus we be...No supernatural powers for you... or for me.... Drat!

How do you use supernatural in a sentence?

The main characters of H2o had supernatural powers.

Are super saiyan for real?

No. Super Saiyans are not real, though it would be awesome if they were. They are a fictional type of humans with supernatural powers, first introduced in the popular cartoon DragonBall Z. There have been reports of people throughout the world who have experienced supernatural strength, but they do not possess magical powers like the ones Super Saiyans do.

Is there any human with supernatural power?

People have supernatural powers... but we call them talents ;)

What is the strongest supernatural power?

Supernatural powers are the works of fictional authors and do not exist.

What is Aphrodite supernatural powers?

well they weren't really supernatural powers but it was to make people fall in love with her cause she was the goddess of love and beauty

Comparison of human beings to the gods?

Gods and goddesses do have special powers or things that ordinary humans doesn't have the capability to do. Gods and goddesses for example has supernatural strength, magical powers that can grant wishes or curse anything, etc.

Are there supernatural powers for real?

There is plenty of proof for supernatural powers.There is even a science for it. It is called parapsychology.

What animal do the Dogon people think have supernatural powers?

The Dogon are an ethnic group that live in the plateau region of Mali. They believe that the fox has supernatural powers.

What supernatural powers does Hephaestus?


Do wolves have supernatural powers?

They can fly

How do you get supernatural powers?

cargo cults.

What is a meaning of supernatural powers?

"Supernatural powers" are anything that a person can do that falls outside of the realm of understood science- this can include dowsing, esp, telepathy, spell casting, etc.