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Can humans and monkeys reproduce?

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No. Humans and Monkeys cannot produce offspring.

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How do monkeys have baby?

As monkeys are primates, they are placental mammals. They reproduce in the same way as humans.

How do monkeys reproduce?

Monkeys reproduce the same way all mammals do, but their mating rituals differ.

Do spider monkeys reproduce?

All living creatures reproduce. Spider monkeys, being mammals, reproduce sexually and bear live young.

Do monkeys reproduce asexual or sexual?

i think they sould reproduce sexual, because monkeys have 2 parents. i don't know how they sexual reproduce.

How are humans related to monkeys?

humans evolved from monkeys

Does humans and monkeys share an common ancestor?

Humans and monkeys do share a common ancestor, but humans did not evolve from monkeys.

Can cows reproduce with monkeys?

No, they can not.

What are some differences between humans and monkeys?

monkeys have tails humans dont monkeys live on ground humans dont we humans are cleverer than monkeys so we might me difrent to monkeys but we are similer to apes

How Dids Monkeys Reproduce?

Monkeys Do Not Lay Eggs. Monkeys Give Live Birth.

What are humans and monkeys?

Both monkeys and humans are considered primates.

Are monkeys afraid from humans?

Yes, Monkeys are a fried of humans.

Do humans reproduce sexually?

Humans do reproduce sexually.

Are humans technically monkeys?

No, monkeys and humans are classified in different families.

What are some similarities between humans and monkeys?

humans and monkeys can breath

How are you and monkeys alike?

Monkeys are the closest thing to humans because monkeys were like humans in 12 BC

Are monkeys related to humans?

humans did not evolve from monkeys. humans are more closely related to apes. :]

Did humans come from monkeys or god?

Did humans come from God or monkeys? Humans came from God.

Do monkeys reproduce?

yes yes

Do humans reproduce sexually or asexually?

Humans reproduce sexually.

Were humans monkeys before?

some say humans were monkeys but majority do not beleive in it

Are monkeys really humans?

Monkeys were never humans. Now on the other hand chimps were. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING! Monkeys are not humans. Case closed.

How old are Monkeys when they reproduce?

While being born, monkeys mate with their mothers

Why are you from monkeys?

Monkeys were the first evolution of humans.

How have humans affected monkeys?

we used to be monkeys

Do monkeys see black and white?

no, monkeys see just as us humans that is because humans were monkeys when the world just began, monkeys transformed into cavemen and cavemen transformed into normal humans