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Can humans kill lions?

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yeah humans can make guns and kill lions from a distance

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Maybe because lions kill human at times and the humans are wanting to protect there lifes.

Lions can kill them. Humans do also.

Because lions have extremely thin skulls

humans are powerful because they can kill a lion by a gun but still lions are dangerous

Not normally will they go after a human, but they have killed humans in the past.

Humans are probably the only species that actively seeks out lions to kill. African wild dogs will attack lions when competing over a kill.

1. Lions kill/eat giraffes. 2. People kill/imprison giraffes. you do the math.

yes b-cuz we can kill them and the lions can brutally maul us.

Lions, Humans, Ants and mice

They stalk their prey and then pounce on them and eat them.

No.Only wild cats like bobcats and lions can kill you.....

If they stray too close to the lions family and pride they may attack humans.

lions, tigers and bears oh my... :D

because they have sharp teeth that can kill us (humans).

Lions are apex predators which means they do not have any natural predator. There is no animal that can kill and consume a tiger. Lions have only 2 enemies - One is their own clan - Lions can kill one another during a fight. Second is Humans. Humans are the most dangerous foes of the Lions. Humans have been hunting lions as part of game hunting for decades which has wiped out large populations of these majestic beasts.

Technically - Yes. Lions can easily eat humans. But, practically No. Lions live in jungles with little or no human interaction. Even if they come in contact with humans, they usually run and not attack. But, given an opportunity a Lion can easily hunt, kill and consume humans.

Lions trying to kill it for food or humans trying to kill it for ivory (tusks) Starvation

how are lions helpful / harmful to humans? how are lions helpful / harmful to humans?

Yes, mountain lions eat bison. Wolves also eat bison and humans kill them.

Lions kill many as well as humans

Yes, because a lion can kill a gorilla. There have been cases of lions killing humans in their territory.

Yes, humans are animals and we kill bears. Other than us, there are bigger predators which can kill a bear, such as Mountain Lions.

Technically, lions can kill a cheetah and eat it...but it doesn't happen. Humans kill cheetahs, but they don't usually eat them.

Lions do not have many natural predators; humans, other lions and hyenas are sometimes known to kill lions.Lions are apex predators, therefore they have no natural enemies. However, man has hunted and killed lions for centuries and because of this, lions are endangered.