Can iPods connect to your car radio?

Car stereos come with additional audio ports in the back this was to be used with

the external trunk mount CD changers ( 1995 and up models ) later, when CD changer was not available we use the port for satellite radios, or rear DVD.

but this ports plugs are still there in 90% of the vehicles from 1995 and up you can use that plug on the radio to install an iPod interface your radio will controls the iPod, playlist albums, songs if the radio was satellite ready ( 2003 and up ) you can see text from your iPod iPhone in the factory radio screen, this units are not FM or wireless.

Direct connection to the factory car stereo will give you the best sound quality from your iPod iPhone you can also use steering wheel controls to control your iPod

search for one using your vehicle information on any search engine

Car iPod Interface For Factory Radios

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