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Certainly! As with all babies, use a special puppy shampoo and wash her in the sink where you can get to her. Keep the water out of her eyes, use lukewarm water, and have a warm bath towel handy to dry her off.

Do not use any medications on her just yet. A flea soap is not designed for delicate skin, and dish soap will make her itch. If you feel the need to treat fleas, consult your veterinarian for appropriate treatments. Do not use human shampoo.

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Can you give a puppy that is a month old a bath?

If you wanna...

When can a puppy have a bath?

a puppy can take a bath when it starts walking and eating on its own so about 1 month old

When can you take your 1 month old puppy a bathe?

you should probably bath you puppy at 2month es old best

Is it bad to give a 1 month puppy a bath?

Yes. It is not recommended that you bath a dog till they are at least 5 months old.

How often should a 3 month old puppy be given bath?

Unless he is extremely dirty, a 3 month old puppy should not be bathed yet at all. If you do give him a bath, protect his eyes and ears and be sure to dry him well so he does not get a chill.

How long before a puppy can get bath?

A month

How old do a puppy have to be to give it a bath?

the puppy must be 8 weeks old

How long do you have to wait to bath a puppy after an application of advantage?

About a month

Can you give a puppy a bath at 1 month and a half?


How soon can you bath a puppy?

You should bathe your puppy/dog 4~8 times a month.

Is human shampoo good to use on a one month old puppy for its first bath?

No, I'm pretty sure it isn't.

Can a 6 month year old puppy take a bath?

I think when you get a dog at first you should let it get use to your enviroment. At 6 months I think it's pretty grown. I would probrably give my puppy a bath.

What age should you give a bath to the puppy?

An appropriate age to start giving a puppy a bath would be around 1 month but if needed you can give a puppy a bath earlier then that but be very careful not to get water in the ears or eyes.

Which soap or shampoo is good for 1 month old golden retriever?

1 month old is a 4-week old puppy ... much too young for a bath, so the answer is NO soap or shampoo. At 4 weeks old a puppy should still be with its mother, and its mother will keep it clean.

When can you give your puppy a bath?

you can wash a puppy with puppy wipes any time but you must dry the puppy quick , a puppy can have its first proper bath at 8-9 weeks old

What can you use on a one month old puppy for its first bath?

Go to your local groomers and buy the dry skins shampoo for your dog.

Why would your 3 month old puppy bleed?

my 3 month old puppy have blood when she urine why does this happen

When is it good to give puppy a bath?

any time is good for a bath i would say atleast once a month

How aften do you feed a month old puppy?

A month old puppy is not weined yet. He still needs his mothers milk.

How old should your puppy be before you give it a bath?

You can give your puppy a bath in the sink right away. Just be VERY careful and gentle.

Can you give a 5 week old pitbull puppy a bath and how many times and what shampoo can you used?

You can gave him a bath when he is 12 weeks old and use puppy shampoo only.

Can a month old puppy leave the house?

yes a month old puppy can leave the house just make sure you keep an i out on him/her

Can a 6 week old puppy take a bath?


When do you give your puppy his first bath?

When it is 5 months old

Can you give a 3 week old puppy a flea bath?