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Yes, if you're her primary caretaker.

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Q: Can i claim my live in girlfriend who is on disability on my taxes?
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Can you claim your live in girlfriend as a dependent?


Can you claim yourself on your taxes if you live alone?


Where is a good place to live on disability?

A good place to live is near Arkansas not that bad on Cost. Not much of taxes. ;-)

Can you claim a non-relative who is on disability?

Whether you can claim a non-relative who is on disability depends where you live and the circumstances of the case. Generally, no you cannot, unless you can show you are caring for or supporting the person in some significant way.

If you live in New Jersey but work in New York where do you claim disability?

I work in new york but i live in new jersey

Emancipation from your parents taxes if your not a minor?

At 18 you are an adult and if you no longer live with them or have them pay for your expenses they shouldn't claim you on the taxes.

What if they are 17 years old can you still claim them on this years taxes your child?

Yes. They aren't an adult until they are 18 and if they still live in your home and you support them you can claim them on your taxes.

Can anyone be on someone taxes return if they live in the home but not kin?

If you have paid for more than half of their support and they do not claim themselves on their taxes, I believe you can claim them as long as you have documentation to prove it.

Can you claim a child on your taxes if the child doesn't live with you?

No , unless the custodial spouse allows it.

Your son is 18 can you still claim him?

Can you claim him on your taxes? If you live in the US, yes, you can, if he's a full-time student and would be considered your dependant.

If 2 minors get married and live with parents do the parents claim them as dependents on their taxes?

yes because they are minors

If you live in one state and work in another state which state does an employer pay unemployment taxes to?

The employer pays its unemployment taxes to the state the employer is located in. You might file your claim with the state you live in, but your state would then process the claim through the "liable state".

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