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If you are their legal guardian, you can collect child support from both parents of the child. If you are not their legal guardian and they just live with you, you do not have rights to child support.

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You live in Chicago and your child moved to Mexico only for a year can you still collect child support here in Chicago?

If your child is not living with you, you are not eligible to collect child support. The child support should go to whomever is caring for the child.

Can child support be collect from a deported father?

It can be done if the father is living in a country that has an agreement with the US - contact your State's child support agency.

Can a grandparent collect child support?

A grandparent can collect child support if they are the legal guardian or custodian of the child.

Can two different states collect child support for the same child?

There can be situations where two different states can collect child support from a parent that has not kept up their child support payments. Such a situation could entail the following example. If child support was not made by a person living in the same state as the child, that state can of course collect by garnishing funds out of a paycheck. If there was money due from another instance and not paid, then two states must collect current and back payments.

Can US collect past due child support from a non custodial parent living in a foreign country?


If a father terminates his rights can he collect child support from the mother if the child lives with him?

if the mother terminates her rights can he collect child support from the mother if child lives with him?

Can illegal immigrant mother living in Arizona collect child support from US citizen father with joint custody?

Yes if she is entitled to child support after all of the calculations are done. Immigration status has no bearing on child support.

Can you collect child support if your child is not living with you?

In most cases the parent who has the child doesn't have to pay child support. The parent who does not have the child pays child support if they want visitation rights. In most jurisdictions, the non custodial parent must pay child support even without visitation rights.

Can a child collect on child support arrears as an adult?


Can you collect child support at age 28?

Your custodial parent can collect unpaid support that accrued under an order. Support sometimes continues after the child becomes an adult if the child is disabled.

Is it legal for a mother to collect child support while the father is living with her and the child?

It depends on the state. In most states the father would still be required to pay child support, even though he is living with the mother and the child. However, if the father was financially supporting the mother and child, it's likely that the courts would suspend the child support order.

Can you collect child support arrears after child dies?


Can your ex get family assistance and not collect child support?

Public assistance recipients assign their rights to child support to the State which, presumably, will attempt to establish/collect support.

How can a person collect child support when they have to pay child support?

You sue the person for child support. Just because you pay child support for one child does not mean you can not receive child support for the one you have custody of.

Can you collect child support from the girlfriend of the father?

No, child support can only be taken from the birth parents.

How do you collect child support from disability?

You will need to go through Child Support Services in your area.

Is it possible for a felon to collect child support?

To my knowledge, felons are not prohibited from collecting child support.

What is something a child has the right to do which an adult does not?

A free education. Child support from their parents. Adult supervision.

What can you do if your baby's mom is living with you and you're paying her child support?

Child support is to provide for children not living with you, it would be assumed if you are living with your child that you are supporting them - take it up with your local child support board.

How do you convince the mother to collect child support?

You don't - You explain the benefits that support could provide for the child.

Can the mother of your child collect child support from you when you have sole custody and seventy four percent?

Reference to "seventy four percent" is unclear, but it seems unlikely that the child's mother could collect current child support in such a situation. (She can still collect past-due support, if any.)

Can you get tax refund for child support?

State child support agencies may intercept tax refunds to collect past-due child support.

Do you have to pay child support if the child is in boarding school?

What, boarding school is free? Yes, you have to pay your child support payments regardless of where the child is living. They are used to support the child regardless of where they are living.

Can you collect child support from 30 years ago?


How do you collect child support arrears after child reaches 18?

Contact your State's child support agency. They have methods of collecting this money.