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Can i feed potato to my one month baby rabbit?


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No, It's too young, you should go to pet shop and buy baby rabbit milk replacer for it.

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Not very plus all rabbit feed is for all the rabbits.

nothing, the mother will feed it.

it matters if you your rabbit is a baby because if its a baby their mother will feed them until they get old enough to feed them selves or if your rabbit is an adult they eat nuts and veggies and if their not eating that means that their sick or do not like the food you are feeding it.

You give it food. with carrots

when the baby cries you feed it when it pushes the spoon away its done eating.

No. The green parts of a potato are very unhealthy to a domestic rabbit. It will cause an upset stomach and/or diarrhea. You can feed rabbits a potato, but not the green part!

NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!! And I hope you didn't feed it to your rabbit!!!!Too much or any sized amount can kill your rabbit! I suggest that you do not continue feeding your rabbit because who knows how much it can take before...PLOP!!

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

offer a good hay and quality pellet

Enough to feed Ryan Murphy for a month. (rabbit)

Absolutely not. Other than moms milk they bun should only have hay and water right now.

That depends on how old the baby rat is, if it is less than a month old, you should feed it pet baby rat food.

Unfortunately, the mother's milk is the only thing that can help the baby grow. There is nothing you can do to save it.or feed it baby milk If a mommy rabbit won't feed her babies, you can force her. Lay her on her back on your lap & hold the babies while they nurse from her let them feed 2 times a day for about 2-3 minutes.

No. No baby rabbits, orphaned or not, should be fed cows milk.

If the mother rabbit dies take care of the baby rabbit like its motherfeed it the baby rabbit food.If the mother dies before babies are weaned you can get baby kitten milk replacer and a kitten baby bottle and feed the babies. IT IS A REALLY HARD JOB. The babies must be fed and then stimulated to go to the bathroom and then cleaned up just as the mother rabbit would do. (you can also feed them canned goat milk, I say canned because not too many people have a fresh goat on hand.)If the baby is old enough to be eating rabbit pellets you are OK, just give the baby extra grass hay and plenty of water (maybe put electrolyes made for rabbits in the water.)

Most species of seals stay with their pups for about one month. During this month the baby seals feed from their mother but after that the baby seals feed themselves.

I don't see how a 10 year old rabbit can be a baby, a 10 year old rabbit would be a very, very old rabbit. Do you mean a 10 day old rabbit. In which case the baby would need to be fed on milk. The best milk for the rabbit would be that of its mother.

If you don't have the mother rabbit than use a baby bottle.

Yes, The father rabbit plays no role in raising babies. The mother and babies are on their own.

You can handfeed kits (baby rabbits) with kitten formula. You can find this in a pet store or online.

Feed your rabbit regular feed and lots and lots of hay

You would normally bottle feed a baby rabbit with luke warm goats milk and make sure to keep the baby rabbit warm with a hot water bottle under a blanket.

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