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Can i fly with 3 kids on your own?

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2009-09-16 22:03:04

YES, you can fly with 3 children.

1 Adult cannot fly with more than 2 infants though.

I have just booked a long haul flight from London to Melbourne with

Singapore Airlines and I have children aged 6, 4 and 1 (please feel

sorry for me as I am traveling alone with the


I am able to travel with the three children but was told if I had 2

infants (under 2) that I would not be permitted to travel unless

another adult was with us. They explained this was because children

under 2 need to sit on a lap for take-off and landing....seems

reasonable, I suppose (unless of course you are the parent of twins

needing to fly).

16 September 2009

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