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Not unless you live in Utah but you can ask the court to terminate his rights if he never has contact with the child for instance.

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In Pennsylvania if you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?

the father but that's only if the real dad lets the step dad take custody of the kid. if you dont know who that babii daddy is then your tuff luck

How can you have a misscariage?

You cant make yourself have a miscarriage. If you don't want a baby, look into abortion or adoption. But, miscarriages happen early in the pregnancy, about in the first 5 weeks, your body doesn't want you to have the baby. * DONT GET PREGNANT IF YOU DONT WANT A BABY.

On The Sims 2 can you steal a baby?

I really dont think so but you can click on the phone and go to services, adoption and they will deliver you a baby, toddler, kid, or teen...

Did Oprahs sister Pat overdose?

I dont know really..I do know that she was a baby when she got put up for adoption though!

What do you do if your uncle rapes you and you have a kid that is his?

report him to the authorities, put the baby up for adoption if you dont want it. if noone believes that he raped you demand a DNA check.

How do you take sardines off the bone?

You do a massive poo all over you new born child's mouth and chcke it to death, if you dont have a baby use one from adoption!

If you are 14 and pregnant in Michigan can your parent make you give it up for adoption?

No one can make you do anything you dont want to do. If you give the baby up for adoption it is your choice!! They cant tell you wat to do when it comes to your child. But think if you can take care of the child. Good Luck!

What rights do a pregnant sixteen year old have?

well you have the right to raise your child. ad depending on the age of the father you have a right to have his help is raising the child, may it be child support or him actually being there. no one can make you give up your baby, but if you dont want the baby you have to have you parents permission to abort it.

How do you get rid of a baby on the Sims 3 Ambitions for iPhone?

abandon it.. like umm... just dont feed it and stay there and watch it whither and die.... and the adoption agency comes and takes it

Can you find out who the father of the baby is when you don't remember who he is?

sure but that only works for people who dont sleep with half the country!

If you dont want people to know the father of your baby you dont have to tell them you are 16 year old female 17 when the baby due?

You people... USE PROPER grammar!!!!!! I think that is up to you. if you want to tell people who the father is.... then you can tell them. if you dont want to tell people who it is then dont. but people are going to be asking and bothering you about it if you chose to keep the fathers identity to yourself. that's a hard decision to make and its YOUR decision to make.

What do you when your girl gets pregnant but its not yours?

it depends on what you believe is right for you if you want the baby to have you as a father or if you dont want to be tied down

What do you do when one parent wants to give the baby away but the other dont?

If it is your baby, they have no right to do so and only you can make the decision.If it is their baby, then it is up to them but if you want to be heard in the decision then sit them both down and have a good long talk.

Living will and adoption?

i don't think anyone will no the answer because we dont understand the question

Do you have to pay child support for a baby you dont know?

Yes. So long as paternity is established, you will have to pay child support. It is not the child's fault that the father and the mother have separated or that the father has never seen the child. Both parents have an obligation to support the child. The only legal way not to pay child support is if one's parental rights are terminated.

Do children have the same rights as adults?

no they dont have the rights like adults childen dont get pick the gov is i think they should get same rights as the adults

What are woman rights in Hinduism?

None because they dont have rights.

Reasons to put kids up for adoption?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

After a child has been adopted do the adoptive parents have to let the maternal birth grandmother see the children. Court ordered all parental rights to be severed.?

No. Not unless the court ordered it. Due to the adoption you are now the LEGAL adult of the child therefore unless it was agreed an open adoption then no you dont. Once a child is adopted none of the biological family has ANY rights over the child you do. In most states, if the adoptive parents do not want grandparents to have visitation, the grandparents would need to file for visitation rights through the courts.

Can you have a baby with someone in the familys blood type other then the mother and father?

Emm, I Dont Really Know, But You Should Ask Your Doctor. Hope That Helps

Can your boyfriend keep my baby since we dont have a legal agreement?

If you want him to, sure. Unless you or the father says otherwise and wants to drag the matter to court.

How is an orangutan born?

by the mother and father mating. Then the baby is Born just like a human child is born. Orangutans are also dont have a umbilical cords.

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