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Can i leave school and get home tutored?"

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What school did Beyonce go to?

She didnt go to school, she was home tutored by her parents

Who attends school in Scotland?

All children of school age who are not home tutored.

Is Nick Jonas home schooled?

He is tutored. He does not have time to attend a regular private school. Most celebrity teens are tutored.

Did Justin Bieber have to go to school?

Nope, Justin bieber is home tutored

Where did Theodore Roosvelt go to school when little?

He was tutored at home but went to Harvard College.

Where did Sir Francis Drake Go to school at?

He didn't go to school he got home tutored by his dad Edmund.

Where did President George Washington attend school?

He attended no formal school; he was private tutored at home, customary in his day

What school does Michael Jackson's kids go to?

I would assume they are home tutored or go to a private school specially for celebrities children.

What school did Queen Elizabeth the II go to?

never went to public schools she was tutored and home schooled!

What elementary did Theodore Roosevelt attend?

Teddy never was healthy enough to go to school, so he was tutored at home.

Did Queen Elizabeth go to university?

The present Queen, did not attend university, or in fact go to school, as she was home tutored.

Did Archimedes go to school?

he ws tutored

Where do David Beckham's kids go to school?

David beckham`s kids are home tutored by a lady called rita (:

Where did John Dalton study?

Mostly he was home-tutored.

Is Madison pettis's school public or private?

Madison Pettis does go to a regular school whenever she isn't working, when she is working she gets home schooled or as some people call it home tutored.

Where did Heracles go to school?

He was tutored in his palace until he killed his music teacher, Linus, and was forced to leave. He was later trained by the centaur Chiron for battle.

What school do the Jonas bother 's go to?

they are home schooled. almost all celebrities are either tutored or home schooled because they are pigs. teehee

When did Ferdinand Magellan go to school?

Ferdinand Magellan never went to school he was tutored at the palace of Portugal while he a page to the queen he was tutored at the same time

Where did guglielmo marconi go to school?

He was tutored in Narnia.

What school Lil Twist go to?

he is privately tutored

What school did Jaden Smith go to?

he and his sister are tutored

What school did Clara Barton?

she spent one day at school then was tutored by her father

What elementary school did Alexander Graham bell go to?

Alexander Graham Bell was tutored at home by his father until he went to high school He also attended college in Scotland.

Did Patrick Henry go to school?

Patrick Henry spent his childhood educating himself in the local school of Hanover County, Virginia. Later on, he was tutored and home-schooled by his father.

Did girls get eductaed in Tudor times?

Tudor girls didn't go to school but some girls were taught by their mothers at home. It was mainly the very rich ones who where home tutored.