Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can i move in with your aunt when i am fifteen in new york state without parent consent?


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you cant move in with my aunt but you can move in to your aunt's with parental consent.

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A minor cannot get married in any state, and in most countries, without parental consent or a court order.

in the state of California when does a parent really have no more say? what age can a child be treated without consent in calf? what age is a parent responsible to for the children?

Most generally 18, but it does vary from state to state.

Not if the non-custodial parent have visitation and pay child support. Then his and the courts consent is needed.

No there is not. It is possible in a few without parental consent but you have to see the court and prove pregnancy and explain why you want to get married so young. Marriage emancipates you so they are not that keen on letting a 15yo parent-to-be be all on her own.

18 to marry without parent consent. 16/17 can marry with parental consent.

Generally the custodial parent needs the permission of the court to move out of state/country. The consent of the other parent will make the process easier.

Unless you have a divorce agreement which specifically states that you cannot move to a different location without the consent of the other parent, then yes, you are free to move.

no because you have to have the judge and the other parent to say yes

Yes as long as you are of adult age you can leave if you want. If you have the children with you you will most likely need their other parents consent.

They either have to have the parental consent or a court order to get a marriage license.

She is not yet an adult. She will need parental consent or a court order.

Not if the other parent has any parental rights. In that case the "primary" parent must obtain the consent of the court through a modification of the custody and visitation orders. It will go more smoothly with the consent of the non-custodial parent.

Most states require you to be 18 to marry without parental consent. The only state allowing marriage at 17 is in Mississippi if you are a male.

Yes. The age of consent in the state of Louisiana is the age of 17.

The parents do not have to consent for emancipation. However, the court will take their desires into consideration. And you have to be in a state that allows emancipation.

No, it is not a state where you can move out at 17. There are no states that allow that.

yes I'm sure they can. but the parent that took the kids out of state can e tooken to court by the other parent and try to get custody nd then it wont be legal

Yes, provided it's not to live, and does not interfere with the access rights schedule of the other parent.

No, she is not emancipated. She can't even move out fo the house without their consent.

That is dependent of custody orders, but even without, the other parent could file an injunction.

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