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If you're a man you need a real live date with a girl! LOL Seriously, it isn't unusual for a women to become sexually excited over their own breasts anymore than it is masturbating. Both areas of the body are obviously sexually sensitive and give pleasure.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-20 04:50:11
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Q: Can it be normal when you look in the mirror and see your breasts you begin to feel great eroticism?
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What makes breasts?

female hormones that when you hit a certain age they begin to grow it is normal for 13+ girls to start forming them

How do you lactate breasts?

Breasts begin preparing to lactate while the woman is pregnant.

What are signs your breasts are growing?

Your breasts begin to hurt in that area and you can see the area a little red.

When will your breasts grow in?

THey will grow whenever you begin puberty.

What are the signs of puberty for a female?

First Your breasts will begin to bud, your hair will be oily, pubic hair will begin to grow, and leg hair and pit hair will darken. Your periods will begin breasts will develop pubic hair thickens and spreads

What age do womens breasts begin to grow?


Can you get breasts when you are 12?

yes it is possible only if your puberty hits u MORE Your breasts will begin to grow when you begin puberty . The hormones tell your body it is time. At 12 your probably will begin puberty at any time. So hang in there and you will soon be a woman.

Can sucking on your own breasts make them get bigger or begin to lactate?

I have tried and the answer is unfortunately, no.

Your breasts are too big?

when your boobs become so big they begin to sag

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Is it normal for a 17 year old to only have size 26A breasts?

Yes. Some girls don't begin to develop breasts until they are 17 or 18 but other girls start to develop when they are 12 or 13. It depends on your genetics. Either way, don't worry about it. You'll catch up to everyone else soon.

What does tender breasts mean?

Tender breasts (when a woman's breasts feel sore or cause pain when touched), could indicate a number of things, including that a woman's menstrual cycle is about to begin. It can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

How soon after falling pregnant do your breasts begin to hurt?

Mine hurt at two weeks!

When do the nipples grow on breasts?

Nipples are present from birth and are there before the "boobs" begin to grow.

How early in pregnancy do breasts begin to hurt?

Some women do not get tender breasts at all. In my first pregnancy my breasts were so tender about 3 days after my missed period that I couldn't bewar them being touched, in my second I had no breast symptoms whatsoever.

What should breasts look like at the first signs of development?

When breasts first begin to develop, called budding, the normally flat-chested areas will begin to develop and grow. At first, the area around the nipple might seem a bit swollen or enlarged, and often become tender and sore. Then the actual breast will begin to develop.

How do girls know they are going trough puberty?

They start to develop breasts and begin having periods.

What keeps breasts growing?

When girls hit puberty, estrogen is released into the body and the breasts begin to grow. This tends to coincide with the beginning of menstruation. As the breasts grow, the milk ducts in them increase in size, causing the breasts to expand at the nipple. Then the breast tissue itself expands. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone readies the breasts to produce milk. The breasts grow larger due to additional fat and swollen milk glands.

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What is the best way for a kid to make their breasts grow bigger?

There is no method to have a child grow breasts. Breasts begin to grow with the start of puberty and it is the hormones that tell the body to grow breasts, have a period and to change the body from a girl to a woman. You will just have to wait for puberty. Enjoy being a kid because you will be an adult for 80+ years.

What happens when your breasts begin to itch?

possibly an infection Skin is too dry or they are growing.

How long does it take for breasts to develop?

From the time your breasts begin to develop, it should take two to three years to completely develop, however some girls do develop slower or faster than that.

When do girls breasts begin to grow?

Girls breast usually grow during Puberty. Female puberty can begin from age 8 to 15 or so but the average start age will be 10 - 11 years. They usually start developing breasts then but everyone grows at different rates.

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Nice Normal

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