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Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't snow very often in Antarctica. Antarctica is actually home to one of the largest deserts on Earth. That being said, colder climates make it more difficult for it to snow, but does not make it impossible to snow.

It can't get too cold to snow here on Earth, but it can be too dry. Colder climates like the Arctic and Antarctic often get less snow than warmer climates at lower latitudes, but that's because of the relative differences in atmospheric moisture, not temperature.

Where I live there seems to be some sort of treshold at around -12 degrees celsius, as precipitation becomes more and more rare beyond this point, and is almost unheard of when it is below -20 degrees. Of course it could happen, but then it is really a question of efficient transportation of adequately humid air, and not so much about temperature.

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Q: Can it be too cold to snow?
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What is the meaning of the phrase it' too cold to snow?

The phrase it's too cold to snow means exactly what it says. The temperature is too cold for it to snow, any precipitation would be in the form of ice.

Will it rain if it's too cold?

No, it will rain if it is humid, and it will snow if it is too cold. If it is cold, the rain will turn to snow while falling down from the sky.

Do snow leopards have to be cold?

The Snow Leopard survives in warm weather too but is well adapted to cold.

How cold does it have to be before snowing?

Before it can snow, it needs to be 32 degrees or below. If it gets too cold outside, it also will not snow.

Can snow occur during a tornado?

No. Tornadoes are often accompanied by rain or hail, but if it is cold enough for snow, it is too cold for a tornado.

Do dogs feet get cold in the snow?

Yes. They can get frostbite, too.

What is the snow?

The snow is a white thick coating on the ground when it is too cold to rain. It becomes icey & that's how we get snow. x :)

Does snow stay in the Antarctic all year?

Antarctica is covered by an ice sheet. There is no snow to speak of on the Antarctic continent: it's too dry and too cold to snow.

If the statement If it is snowing then it is cold outside is assumed to be true is its reverse If it is cold outside then it is snowing also always true?

It is an inverse statement, which is not necessarily true. It is one of the laws of logic and logical reasoning.What makes it illogical is:It may be cold but not cold enough.It can be too cold to snow.The air may be dry; without moisture, it will not snow.It may have snowed before and it may snow later, but it is not snowing now.It may be cold without snow falling because the temp is warming.It may be cold without snow falling because it is raining.It may be cold without snow falling because sleet is falling instead.

How does snow effect animals?

the animals could get too cold and freeze

Does it snow in Nigeria?

NoNo, it does not snow in Nigeria. Nigeria is too close to the equator to be that cold. Furthermore, elevations are not nearly high enough to support snow.

Why can snow leopards survive the cold?

Snow leopards survive in the cold because their thick fur keeps them warm and that their long furry tail wraps around them too.

Does the north pole get rain?

No, it's too cold for rain. Only snow.

Do snow lions live in Antarctica?

No. It's too cold and there is no food chain on the continent.

Is there snow on Pluto?

Of a sort. Pluto is too cold and has too little of an atmosphere to support the formation of cloud, but cryovolcanoes eject cold material from Pluto's slightly warmer interio, resulting in a sort of "snow" of frozen nitrogen.

How much snow does the interior get every day in antarctica?

Zero. It's too cold and dry in the Antarctic interior to snow.

Is it cold in Nevada?

It can get pretty cold (around -13 Celcius) in the winter time in Reno, but in Las Vegas it doesn't get too cold. Though it can get cold in the summer time too. We've had snow in July and August!

How much does it snow in Spokane wa?

Not too much, but sometimes it gets REALLY cold.

Why is snow ice?

Because the weather conditions are too cold for it to come down as rain.

Why do Singapore do not snow?

because its too close to the equator and the tempatures dont get cold enough.

What does the snow smell like in Antarctica?

There are no natural smells in Antarctica: it's too cold.

How cold is too cold for a cat to sleep outside?

if its raining they will find shelter and will live but if the weather starts showing signs of snow its to cold for em

Temperature needed to create snow?

Any under 0. It is a mistake to think it can be too cold for snow. As long as the temperature is under 0 degrees snow is possible.

Is snow hot or cold?

snow is cold. you are so cold, that your mouth seems warmer. so when you eat snow, you are so cold you think your mouth is hot making the snow hot.

Shiver in a sentence?

As soon as the girl fell in the snow she immediately stood up and started to shiver for the freezing snow was too cold for her to handle.