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Can it hurt my baby if my boyfriend smokes while I'm pregnant?


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Yes, if you breath in the second hand smoke in the air, then your baby is getting the smoke too.

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No. It will however affect the motility of the sperm, making it more difficult to get pregnant.

No a flipper baby so tell him to cut it out you don't want a flipper baby now do you?

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Yes. It's particularly bad if the mother smokes while pregnant.

If a mother smokes while she is pregnant, it can cause birth defects. And smoking at all is very bad for you, much less 5.

Whats your question?? If you're pregnant and he smokes pot, get the hell away from him. Don't inhale that smoke. It will be horrible for your baby.

some of the times when you are pregnant the smoking will go through and harm your baby by coming out being special need or even having problems breathing. As the pregnancy goes on the baby can or can not be effected. smoking while pregnant can cause problems for you and the child.

W/e you smoke the baby smokes. That simple.

No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

No. Even if the mother smokes marijuana while she is pregnant, the baby cannot be born addicted to it, since marijuana is not physically addictive. Of course, this does NOT mean it's okay to smoke marijuana while you're pregnant. You're not supposed to take ANY drugs -- including caffeine -- while you're pregnant.

Put terrible smoke and deathly toxins in blood stream that goes to the baby and can be very harmful.

Yes, smoking is harmful to the baby anytime you are pregnant. So if you are pregnant one week or 9 months.

When a baby is around someone who smokes this causes second hand smoke. When a mother smokes while pregnant or is around someone who is smoking .

no, it is not only because he took steroids doesnt mean the baby is going to have them

No, the unborn baby is only in harms way if the mother, herself, smokes. Its also not good to be around people who smoke during a pregnancy.

Its different for everybody, some babes may have learning difficulties and some may be above average

Smoking is unhealthy. Everything you intake your unborn baby intakes.

Can cyclosporine harm the baby while 31 weeks pregnant?

well, you have to choose between the baby and the guy...i would keep the baby and leave the boyfriend and later take him to court...

of course you can, and if you do get pregnant your baby will be addicted!!

EVERYTHING the mother puts into her body - will be passed on to the unborn foetus ! If the mother smokes, then ALL the harmful chemicals KNOWN to be in tobacco smoke WILL be passed on to the developing baby !

Tell him you're pregnant by another guy before your boyfriend and the baby is not his.That will really scare him.

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