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Can kids get herpes?

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If exposed, kids can get herpes.

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Can you have kids if you have genital herpes?

You can have kids if you have genital herpes.

Can you pass herpes to kids?

Yes you can pass herpes to kids; it occurs via direct contact.

If parents dont have herpes the kids wont have herpes right?

not unless they come in contact with the virus, herpes is not genetic though if that's what your asking

Can you still have kids if you have herpes?

you can have kids but it would be horiblly mean because then your husband would get it and your kids would have horible problems. if you have herpes dont have sex because that makes you a disgusting mean jerk

Can a man with herpes and girl with no herpes have kids?

A man with herpes and a women without herpes can still have a child together. Even without the women & the baby getting the sexual desease aswell.

If your friends mom has genital herpes can her kids get it?

No but her customers can

Will you give herpes to your kids if you kiss them?

If you have the oral type of herpes (what caises cold sores and fever blisters) then yes you could give your children oral herpes if you kiss them while you have a cold sore.

Does genital herpes affect future fertility?

Herpes is not known to affect fertility; for both men and women. You ca still have kids with genital herpes. Your doctor can answer any questions you have; and there are help groups online for a support system.l

What are treatments for herpes virus 8?

if you have a herpes viruses nothing can't cure you right now it would follow you for the rest of the life and you might easily get cancer or aids , it is easy to transmitted to you kids with family, until don't know when they come out a cure for herpes viruses.

Can you pass herpes through sheets my kids sleep with me on the bed?

No of course not, only through sexual intercourse.

How does genital herpes impact peoples lives?

it causes them to be able not to touch anyone and they can give it to their kids if their pregnant.

Can oral herpes turn into genital herpes?

Oral herpes can not turn into genital herpes.

Can herpes zoster cause herpes simplex?

Herpes zoster does not cause herpes simplex. Genital herpes isn't caused by herpes zooster. Herpes zooster is the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles.

If you have genital herpes can someone get oral herpes from you?

If you do not have oral herpes then you can't pass it on from genital herpes.

Does herpes zoster cause genital herpes?

Herpes zoster can't cause genital herpes.

Can herpes simplex cause genital herpes?

Herpes simplex 1 will not cause genital herpes.

Are oral herpes and herpes simplex the same?

Herpes simplex is the name of the virus that causes herpes infections such as oral herpes/cold sores, genital herpes, herpetic whitlow, and herpes gladiatorum. Oral herpes refers to a location of infection -- around the mouth.

If you have a pimple on your vagina do you have to have herpes?

no, a pimple is a pimple...herpes is herpes.

Can you have kids if you have herpes?

Yes, childbearing is possible if one has a Herpes infection. The pregnancy may be considered high-risk and the child has an increased infection of prenatal Herpes infection, which can cause life-threatening meningitis or encephalitis. Vaginal delivery increases this risk, especially if you have active lesions at the time of delivery - for this reason, there is a high rate of cesarean section births in women with Herpes infection.

Can a baby with herpes spread herpes through a bottle?

A baby with herpes can spread herpes through a bottle.

Can you catch herpes by changing a diaper of a baby with herpes?

You can catch herpes by changing a diaper of a baby with herpes.

Where did you get your herpes from?

I do not have herpes, thankfully.

How can someone receive herpes?

You can get herpes by having sex with somebody with herpes.

Is genital herpes the same as oral herpes?

Genital herpes is not the same as oral herpes; they are two different viruses.

Can you get herpes from petting a dog who's owner has herpes?

You won't get herpes from petting a dog who's owner has herpes.

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