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Can kids have airsoft?


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Yes But A parent has to be with the child and both have safety goglles

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For younger ages, no. Airsoft can be dangerous.

Yes. I am thirteen and I have 4.

no unless you are with an adult

Depends. Kids use them to play cops and robbers and older people use them for recreational "airsoft wars" and military simulation (milsim)

Plate carriers do not come in childrens sizes. If you are worried about a kids protection in arisoft then they are not old enough to be playing airsoft.

As long as they are playing on private property with the owner's consent it is not.

I suppose it is up to the parent. Most airsoft fields don't allow kids under 8 to play. That is the best answer I can give.

Probably. ADHD stands for attention-dephicet-hyperactive-disorder as you probably already know. Firing a gun, no matter airsoft or real, gets the heart pumping. And kids with ADHD have hyperness already in them. So the excitement and please from shooting an airsoft gun copes real well with his/hers hyper activity. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

Some good airsoft websites are AirRattle, Airsoft Station , Evike , Airsoft Megastore , , Airsoft Atlanta , Airplat , AirsoftGI , ShortyUSA , Renagade Airsoft , Trinity Airsoft , Godfather Airsoft , Airsoft Outlet and Airsoft North West, airsplat.

I went to a "Sports Authority" store in Chicago and they would not sell pellets for airsoft guns; because (the kids that work there told me) they are illegal in the City of Chicago.

I would not recommend air soft for young children. Try Nerf.

Yes, with parental consent. Though you must be 18 to purchase guns

If they can operate a safety, magazine and trigger, yes.

evike, airsoft megastore, airsoft gi

well im 13 and i can only get in to a couple airsoft fields with out my parents but it really depends on the field you go to. but mot of them if you are 8-15 years old you need to have a parent/gardian on the field at all times but ussaully if you are below 8 you can not play airsoft (on a field) but if you wanna play backyard airsoft that's fine but check your towns laws first.

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Original Answer: Airsoft guns are use for many things some kids use it to play airsoft some shoot at target airsoft guns are also used to train miltary men and women to use a gun those are some things people do with them Edit (by Luke Tomaneng): Airsoft guns launch lightweight BB's at an average weight of a quarter of an ounce that are often made out of plastic. They are used in military training and in simulated "battles" for fun.

if you are over 18 then you can purchase the gun for them yes. but it is frowned upon. Airsoft is a sport for mature adults Partially correct. It's a game for adults and teens/pre-teens. I see younger kids playing airsoft. I play airsoft and paintball. It's perfectly legal in SOME states/countries to get airsoft guns for 11 year olds. They just can't buy the guns themselves. They must have an adult present.

any age i see kids as young as 5 playing i was 9 when i started playing.

All airsoft can jam. Phrase your question better. Such as Does blowback airsoft jam more than spring airsoft?

Amazon Try an actual site that sells only airsoft like Evike, Airsoft GI, and Airsoft Club.

There are many locations where airsoft accessories can be purchased. They can be found at Airsplat, Airsoft GI, Airsoft Megastore and through Amazon.

Classic Army is a major airsoft gun manufacturer. They don't sell straight to the consumer, but rather through airsoft distributors. Airsoft Extreme is the top airsoft shop in the US for Classic Army airsoft guns, but they are also available at many other airsoft shops.

WE is a company that makes airsoft guns

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