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Can kids use Gmail?


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Yes, there is no age limit for Gmail.


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No, kids that are 12 and under are not allowed. This is because they do not have enough knowledge about Gmail. 13 is the legal age to get Gmail account.

Yes, it's fine. It's easy and better than hotmail. Hotmail is confusing for kids, but gmail is easy.

You can use the DSi's internet browser to use gmail.

Kids are not that much aware about mailing services. Moreover the minimum age defined is 13 years. So kids are not able to make Gmail accounts.

Yes, you can use gmail on the iPad.

Yeah, sorta. Gmail is cool, yahoo is wierd, but I prefer gmail. Ok?

720,341,564 people use Gmail all over the world.

Gmail can be used for kids but over 13 years. It is the legal age which is given by Google. A person below 13 years cannot create an account.

Yes you can use gmail as a back up email server. It si necessary to enable IMAP in gmail before using gmail back up.

They use Gmail, an email website to Gmail chat with their other friends who have gmail. They use IM programs. They use Facebook, myspace and Twitter to communicate with known and unknown people.

you can use your hotmail acc too... it is not necesary to use Gmail... AOL is oso accepted...

Yes, you can use Kindle2 to access gmail. Gmail can be accessed via any device. You must be having your ID and password mainly to access that.

It's kinda like a facebook status, but on gmail.

No gmail does not support roblox.But you can use your google email to get on roblox.

You can configure the Gmail account via Gmail app. This app is specially made to configure accounts on Gmail. It has a very easy interface to use.

it depends on what gmail you have but other than that no.

You can use the following guide

Kids under 13 cant have a gmail because if you live in the United States you are under the legal age group

Victoria Justice is an american singer and actress.She appeared in Zoey 101 which is a kids TV series. Her presence on Gmail has not been revealed.

Gmail is a mail storage and sending system. It is used to sending, receiving and managing mails. It is light and very simple to use.

You can use Gmail as a utility service for mailing. Mails are anything that contain information. They could also contain attached files with them.

The government block access to Gmail from within Myanmar. You can use a proxy to get round this (or apparently use the secure connection via https).

You directly cannot convert Yahoo account to a Gmail one. It is because both of them use different domain names. You cannot use the domain of Gmail into the domain of Yahoo.

Google Talk is the automatic IM client in Gmail. It comes with the gmail account. You can also use an AIM Instant Messenger address.

Yes, celebs have Gmail accounts too. They use it for booking concerts, keeping in touch. Gmail is a utility for almost everyone now.

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