Can ligers have babies?

No, since Ligers are a breed of tigers and lions they can't breed on because of their genes.

Answer: The above is incorrect.

Female tigons and ligers have often proved to be fertile and can mate with a lion, tiger or in theory with another species such as leopard or jaguar. Tigons and ligers have been mated together to produce ti-ligers (tig-ligers). Tigers and tigons have been mated to produce ti-tigons. Ti-ligers and ti-tigons are more tigerlike (75% tiger). Ti-tigons resemble golden tigers but with less contrast in their markings. During the late 1970s/early 1980s, the Shambala Preserve had both a tigon and a ti-tigon. Noelle, the tigon, was born in 1978. Believing that big cats are always infertile, staff allowed Noelle to share an enclosure with a male Siberian tiger called Anton. In 1983, Noelle produced a ti-tigon name Nathaniel. Being 75% tiger, Nathaniel had darker stripes than his mother and he "spoke" tiger rather than the mix of sounds used by his mother. Being only 25% lion, Nathaniel did not grow a mane. He died age 8 or 9 years old due to cancer. Noelle also developed cancer and died soon after. It is possible that the mix of genes contributed to the illness.