Thunderstorms and Lightning

Can lightning strike an airplane?

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Yes, and if a plane is flying in or very near an active cumulonimbus cloud, the chances are fairly high. However, as a precaution planes, generally have some sort of method in allowing it to absorb or channel the electricity somewhere else.

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How often does lightning strike a airplane?

Rarely but it should not effect the plane

How does an airplane survive a lightning bolt?

I have heard that lightning doesn't strike rubber because they don't attract. Since, airplanes have rubber on their wheels, a lightning bolt won't strike it. Hope that helps!!

Why doesn't lightning strike ships?

Lightning does strike ships.

Can lightning strike a surfer?

Yes. Lightning CAN strike anything.

Does lightning strike twice?

Yes, Lightning can strike many times, it can strike in the same place twice!

When was The Lightning Strike created?

The Lightning Strike was created on 2008-10-24.

Does lightning strike day or night?

Lightning can strike at any time of day or night.

Can lightning strike rubber?

Lightning can strike rubber although it is not a good conductor of electricity.

Can lightning strike aluminum?

Yes. Lightning can strike just about anything. Since aluminum conducts electricity, it can even attract lightning.

Why does lightning strike the tallest thing?

it is closest to the lightning

Does lightning strike during the day?

Lightning can strike at any time of day or night. Worldwide there are about 100 lightning strikes every second.

Your tree was struck by lightning will it die?

That depends on the power of the strike, not all trees die after a lightning strike.

Does lightning strike boats?

Absolutely lightning will strike a boat, aluminum, steel, fiberglass or wood it does not matter.

Do tornadoes strike more frequently than lightning?

No they mostly strike the US but lightning strikes everywhere

How do you get out your car after a lightning strike?

After a lightning strike, wait in your car until the storm is over. Then, get out of the car if the conditions are safe.

How electricity is created in a lightning strike?

because of the heat of the lightning strike and the electricity going throught it it causes a fire

What can't lightning strike in the same place twice?

Lightning not only can strike the same place twice, it frequently does.

How hard does lightning strike?

As hard as lightning? What kind of question is that?

Can lightning strike while there's a rainbow?

yes it will strike

Does lightning always strike the ground?

No, lightning can occur within the clouds themselves, I'm not certain how but I know lightning doesn't always strike the ground, that I can say.

Why is a tree not safe during lightning?

Lightning tends to strike tall objects such as trees. When lightning does strike a tree it can kill or injure people and animals underneath it.

What do you call Lightning that appears as a single long line?

A lightning bolt A lightning leader A lightning strike A lightning stroke

How hot can a lightning strike get?

The lightning strike can get up to 30,000 Celsius which is 6 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

What do people call the the most deadly lighting strike?

There is no "most deadly lightning strike". Lightning either kills or doesn't.

Can lightning strike in the winter?

Yes, lightning can strike at any time during any season. This includes during a snowstorm.