Can lil kinz do what Webkinz do?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes. The lil' kinz are just a smaller and cheaper version of webkinz. They're almost like brothers and sisters. Except lil' kinz can't be pet of the month.

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Q: Can lil kinz do what Webkinz do?
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How many Webkinz does Austin Fine have?

He has 7.a lil` kinz lion,a webkinz B&W cat,a webkinz googles,a yellow lab,a lil` kinz basset,a lil` kinz koala,and a lil` kinz rabbit.

Hiow much are Webkinz?

Lil kinz- $9.99 Webkinz- $12.99 Lil kinz are the same as Webkinz just smaller.

Webkinz pet of month December lil kinz or big kinz?

Big Kinz. no durr

How many webkinz and lil'kinz are there?

181 webkinz... 63 lil' kinz

Is a webkinz lil kinz small?

yes they are small

What is the code of a lil' kinz yorkie webkinz?


How much does webkinz cost at justice?

LIL kinz are $10 and Webkinz are $15

How Long Has Ganz Been Making Webkinz Lil ' kinz?

Ganz has been making lil kinz since they started making the regular Webkinz, which is about two years :)

Which do you prefer Lil' Kinz or Regular Sized Webkinz?

Me? depends on the pet. Lamb? Lil Kinz Black Lab? regular

What is the difference between a webkinz and a lil kinz?

a webkinz is a normal sized stuffy but a lil-kinz is little.heres a little thing to get lots of webkinz and save money.all you have to do is buy a webkinz at south common mall! it has the lowest prices on webkinz things

Do they have Webkinz penguin?

yes. They have the regular and the lil kinz as well

How Many Webkinz are there in the world including Lil' Kinz?