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yes if their body is healthy

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โˆ™ 2012-05-11 11:34:17
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Q: Can little people get pregnant
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Is perrie from little mix pregnant?

no its jus a rumor. people are jealous of them <3 #zerrie

U can get pregnant by one little drop of semen?

Can u get pregnant by one little drop of semen

Can little boys get pregnant?


I think Im pregnant but I went to the toilet and I had a little bit of blood does this mean Im not pregnant?

You can still have a little bit of blood even if your'e pregnant.

Who does not have to fast during Ramadan?

People who are seriously ill, pregnant ladies, people who are in the hospital, and little kids (infants-6 yr. olds)

Is Melissa pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

Melissa was pregnant but she had a miscarriage

What is the percentage of becoming pregnant after a tubaligation?

The percentage of becoming pregnant after the lady has gone under a tubiligation, or as some people call it tubegtomy, the chances are very, very little indeed.

What do rabbits do when there pregnant?

Have little bunnies!

Can you get pregnant if he nuts a little?


Is a member of little mix pregnant?


How likely is it to get pregnant from a little sperm?

Only onesperm fertilizes the egg. So even a little sperm can get a girl or woman pregnant.

Can you get pregnant when the man spread a little sperm cell?

Yes you can, it might be harder to get pregnant but it only takes one little sperm

What does it take for a girl to get pregnant?

Only a little bit of sperm could get her pregnant

What groups of people do not have to fast during the month of Ramadan?

The sick, the pregnant women, and little children...and sane non muslims.

Is Paula Patton pregnant?

She was pregnant and was supposed to be due this spring , I did hear on hot97 ( a New York radio station) that she had a 'miscarriage', (I assume they meant stillbirth since she is probably in her third trimester). I hope that this sad news is false Years ago people claimed she was pregnant because she gained a little weight but when they realized she was not pregnant people said she miscarried which was a lie. She just gave birth to a little boy named Julian 6 months ago though.

When a little girl has sperm can she get pregnant a few years?

Only menstruated women can get pregnant.

Who gets Emily pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

She isn't pregnant because she is a lesbian.

Can little tweens get pregnant?

Yes, if they have had their period!

Is beyonce's sister pregnant to little Wayne?


Is Loretta Lynn pregnant?

No, she is a little to old!

Is any one in little mix pregnant?


Is Hanna pregnant on Pretty Little Liars?


Can a little drop of semen get you pregnant?


Who might be more vulnerable to food poisoning 4 different types of people?

lactose intoletant pregnant women little children people living in unsanitary conditions

Is it possible to get a linea nigra without being pregnant?

Some people do as others don't get it until they are pregnant. This all depending on your genes if someone else in your family had it before they were pregnant. Usually during the course of your pregnancy it tends to get darker and a little more noticeable.