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Can lobsters die from being out of water?


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Yes, lobsters will die if not in water. Lobsters have gills and cannot breath air. Although, they can last for a few days if left in a cool, moist environment because they store seawater in their gills to use if they need to survive out of water.


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No, lobsters do not die from noises, loud or otherwise.

Red lobsters are one of them, the other being the green lobsters

no, they die from people

Lobsters do not breath out of the water, they don't need any oxygen but they breath by the gills on the sides.

I suppose you could call the crayfish the cousin of the lobster. Crayfish certainly look like lobsters. But they are fresh water animals and lobsters are salt water creatures.

When lobsters drink, they drink water. They do not metabolize salt in the same way that most animals do. They suffer no ill effects of salt water.

Fresh water does not kill lobsters. Actually, lobsters can tolerate fresh water for quite a while. It does sort of anesthetize them, but it does not kill them. That is not until it is boiling.

Yes, of course they can.

lobsters water beetles molluscs

NO, they are not insects, but lobsters / crabs are athropods like insects.

Yes, plenty of Crayfish (lobsters with no claws) 3 or 4 different types

Lobsters and crawdads live in water and have antennae.

Practically any lobster pound in Maine has good lobsters. The small places by the water tend to have the better tasting ones. I have also come to find that when the water is colder the lobsters are sweeter, but that's a personal preference.

Lobsters are a type of crustacean that live in salt water environments. They do not live in fresh water environments. The water may vary from cold to slightly warm. It may also be muddy water, sandy water, or clear water.

Lobsters have gills located inside two branchial chambers. Water is pumped through these chambers by an apendage called the scaphognathite. Oxygen is extracted and the water expelled.

Lobsters have gills located inside two branchial chambers. Water is pumped through these chambers by an apendage called the scaphognathite. Oxygen is extracted and the water expelled.

Lobsters live in salt water and frogs live in or near to fresh water, so in nature the two animals would never come into contact.

Most people catch lobsters by using lobster traps or pots. Some people are free diving scuba divers who swim in the water and catch the lobsters that way.

Lobsters don't actually scream, it's air escaping their shells.

Yes, they are ok to eat, but probably will not taste very good. Lobsters have an enzyme in their muscles that causes the meat to become mushy over time, Maine lobsters must be eaten immediately after they die, and ideally placed in a pot of boiling water while still alive. Florida lobster should be frozen or refrigerated once they die, with their heads removed of course. Lobsters which are dead and are not frozen or refrigerated can go bad and should not be eaten.

Lobsters live in water if you go to the ocean you can go under water.

Tasmania has fresh water lobsters and they are the largest freshwater invertebrate on earth. The Blue Lobster can be kept in freshwater tanks and can grow up to one foot in length. Freshwater lobsters are produced in Viet Nam. But, salt water lobsters are in the majority

Some people would say that lobsters do make a "squealing" noise when cooking if they were alive. There have been personal experiences when lobsters did scream when I have put them into a boiling pot of water.

A lobster is not a mollusk. Lobsters are crustaceans. A lobster is classified as a crustacean because it can move freely in the water to obtain food. Mollusks do not move about freely in the water to obtain food.

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