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Q: Can low iron cause nose bleeds?
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Can low iron cause problems?

Iron is in the blood, so if there is a low percentuage of iron in it, it can cause anemia.

What will happen if you have a low ferritin level?

It means your iron levels are low. If can cause dizziness and fatigue. You should take extra iron and seek to address the cause of the low iron.

Can you die from low iron?

well,i have really low iron and i am not dead. low iron..(anamia) will cause you to be very very tired and,no you will not die from low iron.(:

You have gym and how can you get a excuse for your low iron?

I think you should be albe to get a excuse for your low iron cause I know how it is i have low iron to and its hard to do things.

Will too much iron cause back pain?

Can too much iron cause cause low back pain

What is the cause of low iron in the blood?

Not enough protein.

Can low iron levels cause dizziness?


What cause of low hematocrit?

Low Iron in your diet. Bleeding (periods). Anemia

Can low iron cause shaking?

Low iron does not cause shaking. It tends to cause dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath. Shaking could be due to low blood sugar or other health problems that should be discussed with a doctor.

Could low iron cause ringing in the ears?

Yes, iron-deficient anemia can cause tinnitis or ringing in the ears.

Can low iron levels cause hair breakage?


Can low iron cause bone pain?

yes it can

Does low iron cause hair loss?

Yes, low iron can cause hair loss. There are many other things which can cause hair loss including thyroid disease, medication, and protein deficiency.

Does low iron cause anemia?

It causes a type of Anemia called Iron - Deficiency Anemia.

Can a lack of iron produce a high mch in blood count?

No, but lack of iron could cause a low MCH

What are the side effects of using barberry?

Do not use for more than two consecutive weeks. Excessive use may cause nose bleeds, lethargy, kidney irritation, skin and eye inflammation, headaches and low blood sugar. Affects normal bilirubin in infants.

How does iron deficiency anemia cause pedal edema?

Low osmptic pressure

Is it good or bad to have iron in your blood system?

It's great! If your iron is too low it can cause problems if it is too high it can also cause problems but iron in ur blood is a good thing

Is the chelation complex of EDTA with Iron harmful?

If you have too much iron then no. Otherwise taking iron chelators can cause low levels of several electrolytes

What vitamin deficiencies can cause fatigue?

Iron is not a vitamin, but a mineral. If a person has low iron levels in the blood, it may cause fatigue and other symptoms, especially in women.

How can you go from nose bleeds a sign of high blood pressure to fainting a sign of low blood pressure within the space of 2 weeks?

If your nose bleeds were a sign of high blood pressure you most likely saw a medical provider. They probably put you on blood pressure lowering medication and this medication may have dropped the pressure to low. There are also things that will spike a blood pressure really high such as cocaine and certain medical conditions (pheochromocytoma) I'm only 19 but my parents have high and low blood pressure, my mum's low blood pressure causes her to feel faint, she works for the nhs and pointed out when i was younger (because i would get nose bleeds weekly) that i may have high blood pressure like my dad. I've only had my bloodpressure checked twice once it was very low, my friend who is studying biology did it, and the other time it was normal, that time a nurse did it. I also dont do any drugs and i dont have any medical conditions that would cause this

What means low tibs in blood work?

A presence of low TIBC means the body has an inability for total iron-binding capacity. This could indicate iron disorders, which can cause oxidative stress.

If i get no help for my iron defecency will i die?

you may not die but it will help deteriorate your health because iron is important as of being in the blood and low iron can cause anemia and anemia can cause hair loss,cold and chills and calcium defieciency

What are signs of internal bleeding from small blood vessel damage?

The blood pressure is often low and there may be signs of bleeding from other organs (like coughing up blood, nose bleeds, blood in the urine).

What is a blood disease caused by low iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is low red blood cell count due to low iron.