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no it shouldnt be...i got arrested just last night (sunday) for paraphernalia...and its only a misdemeanor. Up to 1000 dollars fine, and/or a year in jail...ill give you more details after my court date this of luck, dont get caught and find out the hard way!

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โˆ™ 2012-05-21 17:03:40
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Q: Can marijuana paraphernalia be charged as a felony in GA?
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How much stolen money is a felony in Ga?

500 of value is a felony in ga

Is breaking and entering a felony in ga?

Yes, breaking and entering is a felony in GA. In most cases, the felony is described as intent to burglarize or burglary itself.

Can you get a certification for phlebotomy with a felony?

Can you train to become a phlebotomy with a felony charge in SC or GA? Thanks, Ronee

What is the charges for terroristic threat in Georgia?

It is a felony in the state of GA

Has GA legalized marijuana?

Georgia has not legalized marijuana, and there is currently no initiative to. Currently, it is only legalized for medicinal purposes - if a doctor prescribes you medicinal marijuana.

Is using a fake ID a felony in GA?

It will depend on the specific circumstances. Depending on what the ID is used for, it could easily be a felony.

What is the minimum sentence for a felony in ga?

A year and 1 one day.

Is check fraud a felony in GA?

Yes it is. Not only that it is a Federal offence.

Is concealment a felony in ga?

This depends:If you are concealing a car from Reposetion, No MissdemeanerIf you never intended to pay for the car that is really fraud and can be a Felony

Can you own a gun in ga if you have a non violent felony?

Not unless you have your rights restored.

What defines a felony vs misdemeanor for making a false statement to US Customs?

Is signing a false statement to police in ga a misdemeanor or felony

Can you own a handgun in Ga if convicted of a nonviolent felony 14 years ago?

The basic answer is no. A felon cannot own a gun, regardless of what the felony was.

When will medical marijuana be legalized in GA?

Medically it can still be a long time, there isn't a lot of public support for any marijuana use in Georgia.

Is writing a bad check in Gwinnett County GA a felony?

It is if the check is over $500.00

Can a convicted felony work in healthcare in GA?

My answer would be no. Maybe if it was after 10 years...maybe.

What is the statute of limitations Ga for Felon Fraud?

That is a felony in Georgia. It has a limit of 4 years.

Can you be a vet tech with a felony for drugs in GA?

Most states will not allow a person with a felony, much less a drug felony, to be credentialed as a veterinary technician. Most veterinarians will not hire someone with a drug felony either as they keep controlled substances on the premises.

Can you get a gun permit in ga with marijuana?

No, I'm pretty sure they require cash or a check.

How do you find if you were charged with a crime in GA?

How can you NOT know if you are charged with a crime?Were you arrested? If not go to the police station and they can run a wanted check on you, then you will know.

How much time in ga will you get for trafficking 10.72 pounds of marijuana?

Most likely 20 years or more unfortunately. Possession of marijuana is often punished worse than murder.

What defines a felony burglary in Georgia?

felony burglary in Ga is when you enter any enclosed space, but usually a house or car, wether or not you have the intent to take anything when you dont have authorization to be in that space. The felony part comes in when the sentence is 12 months or more.

Is DUI consdered a felony in Ga?

In Georgia, a DUI does not become a felony until the fourth offense within ten years. Up until then, it will be a misdemeanor unless a child or a death was involved. The law article below explains more on felony dui.

How long does a federal felony stay on public record in ga?

Forever, including even if you receive a Presidential Pardon.

How long is a felony on your record in GA?

however after so many years 7 i think it cant be held against you when applying for a job. A felony and/or misdemeanor conviction stays on your record for life. Unless you can get it expunged.

Would ga go to KY to extradite a felony juvenile probation violation?

Yes! The severity of the violation is a major factor.