Can men use spanish fly too?

Updated: 11/22/2022
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Q: Can men use spanish fly too?
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Do girl rememeber after using spanish fly?

The old Spanish fly tale is a myth. The most heard of use for it is that a male will buy a Spanish fly, put it in a woman's drink and hope that it will eventually make the female wish to have sex. Some may believe that it works, but it is actually all in their head.

What guitar did Eddie van halen use to record spanish fly?

12 string flamenco

Why do my testicales hang low?

so when men use the restroom it want fly everywere

Is Pantene only for women?

No. Men can use it too,

How do you teach Empoleon to use Fly?

EmpoleonEmpoleon can't Fly. As a giant flightless penguin, it's too massive for its wings.

What do barn owls use there wings for?

To fly out into the woods at times when they need too.

Can bees use wet wings?

No. Wet wings are too heavy for the bees to fly.

What is the name Alice is Spanish?

Alicia. It's not too difficult to use a translator.

How an airline pilot would use earth science in career?

A pilot needs too understand weather patterns, pressure, and must be able too use geographical scope too safely fly the plain.

Can w fly?

humans can only fly in airplanes but we can't just by ourselves because we only use 10% of our brain and if we used more than that we would be able to figure out how to fly and be really smart too! but no we cannot fly.

How do you say boy your hot in spanish?

We don't use that. Instead we use "You're nice" which can be translated like "Estás bueno". Anyways you mustn't use that too much in Spanish. It sounds like you're desperate.

How do you say website in spanish?

it's sitio web, now a days its not uncommon to hear many of those who speak spanish use words that were created in English being actually said in spanish. many use "web site" too.