Can men wear women jeans

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i think it is okay if the size is okay ,,,

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Q: Can men wear women jeans
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Are Jeans worn by Adults in Belgium?

absolutely! Men and women all over Europe wear jeans.

I wear a size 33 waist in women's for jeans what would be my men's jean size be?

Jeans are jeans. Men and women are built differently. If your waist is 33, the same will be true for a men's or women's jean pants. The problem will rise in your hip measurement. Men's jeans tend to be cur straight from the waist; women's pants taper outward from the hip. The size you wear will depend on your personal build.

Are Cambio Jeans available for men?

Cambio Jeans are only available for women. The Cambio Clothing company only caters to their female clientele, and specializes in jeans and cropped pants for women. They have no products that are available for men to wear.

Can women wear men's nike dunks?

Yes! And they should. With shorts, dresses and jeans. Do it.

If you wear an 11 in womens jeans what would you wear in mens jeans?

Men's jeans sizes are much easier than women's. You just measure your waist and your inseam. For example, a men's 34x32 is a 34" waist and a 32" inseam.

A size 30 in men's jeans equal what size in women's jeans?

I used to wear a 30 and I was about a size 8 in women's depending on the brand (because women's sizing is insanely varied).

What type of jeans do country women wear?

they wear western jeans with chaps on them

What is Panama's typical clothing?

Women usually wear a long skirt and blouse. But Bermuda shorts and jeans are becoming more common. Men will wear jeans or comfortable slacks.

What do the people of Jordan wear?

In Jordan people wear normal clothes,men wear jeans, shirts, T-shirts and suits for formal events. And women wear skirts T-shirt, jeans, heels and dresses.

Size 20 in women's jeans what would you wear in a men's jeans?

Men's jeans go by actual size so you just need to measure your waist and your inseam. So a 36x32 men's size is a 36" waist and a 32" inseam length.

What did men wear in the 1960?

men wore tight jeans

Do Indian women wear jeans?

Yes Indian people do wear jeans and all the people around this world wears jeans

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