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Yes. Spina Bifida does not effect the reproductive system. If the man can get an erection, he can have children, unless he has a reproductive problem unrelated to Spina Bifida, such as too low of a sperm count.

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Q: Can men with Spina Bifida have children?
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How many people with Spina Bifida have had children with out Spina Bifida?

My daughter has Spina Bifida and her daughter has Spina Bifida

Who does Spina Bifida affect?

Spina Bifida affects both men and women equally.

What has the author Mark Wolraich written?

Mark Wolraich has written: 'The needs of children with spina bifida' -- subject(s): Spina bifida

Can someone have spina bifida and not be born with it?

No, spina bifida is a birth defect. Therefore, a person has to be born with spina bifida to have it.

What organs does Spina Bifida affect?

Spina Bifida affects the spinal cord, and sometimes the brain. Some children with Spina Bifida are born with hydrocephalus ("water on the brain), some are not. The bowel and bladder can be affected by Spina Bifida, with the person being unable to control them, but again this is not in every case.

Can people with spina bifida have kids?

yes, but they can pass it on to their children.

When is Spina Bifida fatal in utero?

Spina Bifida is usually not fatal in utero, especially with modern medicine in developed countries. Before antibiotics were available, most children with Spina Bifida died shortly after birth, but not in utero.

How does Spina Bifida affect a person?

Spina Bifida will usually require multiple surgeries in childhood, and the use of crutches and braces or a wheelchair, as well as a structured program for bowel and urinary elimination. Some children with Spina Bifida will require a shunt, which is a tube for draining excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain. Some children with Spina Bifida will have learning disabilities, but not all do.

What is the classification of Spina Bifida?

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect.

What is the most common form of spina bifida?

Spina Bifida Occulta

How did Spina Bifida get its name?

Spina Bifida is Latin for "split spine".

What does Spina Bifida stand for?

Spina Bifida is Latin for "split spine".

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