Can meth use look like herpes?

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Over time meth use can cause sores which could look like herpes. But herpes usually has symptoms like uncomfortable or pain full itching, burning and or tingling during a break out.

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Q: Can meth use look like herpes?
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Fire ant bites do not look like herpes. Fire ant bites a tiny hives that have pus insides. Use of a cold pack and an antihistamine will help relieve the sting.

Can us use clobetasol solution if you have herpes?

It would be a mistake to use a steroid like clobetasol on herpes lesions.

Can you use Viagra if you have herpes?

You can use Viagra if you have herpes.

What Is the best one day detox drink works for meth?

Nothing works for meth. The drug is in your hair and body fat. All someone has to do is look at you to know you are using. Your body, skin, eyes, and general look yells "I use meth."

Is crystal meth predominately a problem in rural America?

No. Japan has problems with meth use as well. Other countries have problems with meth use. Meth use has only became a rural problem rather recently.

How do meth users look?

Go to this website! They usually look really grimy and gross. Can't afford clothes or nice things because they use it on meth. Scabs on their arms from the injections.

What can clean your system in an hour of meth?

No. The drug is in your hair and fat cells. Look at yourself in the mirror anyone looking at you can see you use meth. To pass drug tests quit using.

Is it okay to use triamcinolone acetonide on oral herpes?

It is a bad idea to use a steroid on oral herpes.

If you wipe a cold sore with a towel then use it can you get genital herpes?

No. Cold sores are one form of herpes, but genital herpes is a different sort of herpes.

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