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Absolutely, positively NOT! It would be very unwise to even attempt such an action for obvious reasons.

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Q: Can monies obtained by fraud be discharged in a bankruptcy court?
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Does the bankruptcy court notify you when the bankruptcy is final and legally discharged?

No. The lawyer does.

Can a civil case financial judgment be taken off in bankruptcy?

No. Court judgments can NOT be discharged in bankruptcy.

How do I know when my bankruptcy is final?

You will receive a letter that your bankruptcy is discharged. You can also call the bankruptcy court or the trustee and find out if it is final.

Can you file bankruptcy on a civil lawsuit?

To avoid paying the judgment??? No. Court-ordered judgments are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Can bankruptcy court take taxes after dismisal?

Most taxes are not discharged in bankruptcy.If the amount of your tax liabilities is not clear, the bankruptcy court cam decide how much you owe; you need not go to tax court for that.

Does bankruptcy cover court ordered restitution payments?

Bankruptcy doesn't "cover" anything. If you mean, can a criminal-court-ordered restitution be discharged so you don't have to pay it, probably not. Lawyers are trained to argue issues for their clients, so you might find a lawyer who can convince the bankruptcy court it should be discharged.

How will filing for divorce affect a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

i believe that Bankruptcy planning should be done before the final divorce decree is obtained. This way your required payment of joint debts may be discharged without violating a court order.

How credit union collect bankruptcy loan that discharged?

If a loan from a credit union has been discharged in bankruptcy court, that credit union cannot collect and must write the loan off.

Do you know if you go to bankruptcy court do you get discharged when you go there?

A person or persons would need to file for bankruptcy before having any contact with the court and/or bankruptcy trustee. A bankruptcy discharge is what is granted if the filing is deemed valid.

Paying back a discharged loan after chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There is no reason to repay a loan after a discharged bankruptcy, if you have done so, you can reclaim all your money from the creditor (you'll have to go through court).

Can a discharged bankruptcy be reinstated?

Discharged Bankruptcy normally means that it was a successful bankruptcy and the debt slate is now clean. But if your bankruptcy has been dismissed by the court you can file to have it reinstated. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you file to reinstate your dismissed bankruptcy case. You must include the reason the case was dismissed, why it failed and how it will be better if the case is reinstated.

Can a debtor be discharged from a credit union loan which he took out to pay his taxes?

"Discharge" applies to a debt being wiped out by the bankruptcy court. If all the requirements are met and approved by a bankruptcy judge, then yes, a debtor's obligation can be discharged. If the debtor does not file or qualify to be granted a bankruptcy, then No, his debt will not be discharged, or forgiven. It needs to be paid.

When a person files bankruptcy in October and then wins money in a lottery are they required to report the winnings to the bankruptcy court?

You would only need to report the winning ticket if the bankruptcy was not discharged.

Can you bankrupt a judgement from a divorce settlement?

No you cannot. Court judgements, like tax obligations to the government, cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court.

How do you stop bankruptcy on judgment?

As a creditor you cannot stop bankruptcy proceedings on anything. You can, however, file an objection in BK Court to why the debt to you shouldn't be discharged.

Is a discharged debt for hardship or disability considered a bankruptcy?

No, discharged debt is considered a forgiveness of debt and not a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can only happen as a result of bankruptcy court procedure. Certain loans can be discharged due to hardship or disability, especially if there is an insurance policy in force to cover such a situation. When a loan is forgiven due to hardship or disability, the debtor's credit rating is usually not affected.

I had traffic tickets from 7 yrs ago that were sent to collections C O of the court I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy those debts were discharged under the bankruptcy do I still owe the debts?

If tickets were discharged after filing for bankruptcy then someone would not owe on these debts.

Can you still file bankruptcy if a credit card company sues you?

Yes, bankruptcy will halt any lawsuit action. If the lawsuit will be included and discharged in the bankruptcy is dependent upon the ruling of the court.

Can you get a civil judgment removed from your credit report if it was included and discharged in a bankruptcy even if the judgment date is later than the bankruptcy discharge date?

No, debts, liens, judgments incurred after a bankruptcy has been filed cannot be included and therefore cannot be discharged in the BK proceedings.AnswerI was informed that if you had included this creditor in your bankruptcy, which was discharged, the creditor should have stoped all actions towards obtaining a judgment against you. I believe this judgment can be discharged by filing a discharge request with the court administrator and only then removed from the credit report. However, if you did not list this creditor on your bankruptcy, then it will prevail. Call the court administrator.

Chapter 7 discharged bankrupcya cousin is now trying to take you to court for money that you borrowed a year before you filed for bankruptcy are you protected under the bankruptcy?

If you included it in your bankruptcy, you're protected by the discharge. If you didn't and you're already discharged from Chapter 7, you may not be protected. I suggest you discuss this with your bankruptcy lawyer.

If an account was not listed on the creditor's list of a chapter 7 is it still dischargable under the bankruptcy?

Yes it is. The presumption of bankruptcy is that all of the bills that were owed will be discharged at the time. If for a reason the bill that wasnt listed came up it can still be discharged by the court. Your attorney can file an addendum for this with the court after wards.

Can the debtor file for bankruptcy after a creditor is awarded a default judgment because the debtor did not make a court appearance?

Yes, most judgments can be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When is a chapter 13 bankruptcy discharged?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves filing a plan with the bankruptcy court suggesting how you will repay your debt. Some debts must be repaid in full while others require only a percentage or nothing at all. Debtors are subject to a very strict budget and repayment plan and when you are done paying all the debts the court determined you owed, then you are discharged. This information should be in your court papers.

Can you add medical bills to an existing Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, you can amend your bankruptcy, usually for a fee that is passed on to you from the court. You should contact your attorney to add your medical bills before you bankruptcy is discharged and to reconfigure your bankruptcy plan.

Are there any penalties or fines for selling your home after bankruptcy?

Not after the bankruptcy has been discharged. If the person is participating in a chapter 13 bankruptcy they must have the permission of the trustee/court to engage in any major financial transactions.