Can mosquito bites spread

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No, one injection by the mosquito cause one mosquito bite. However, one mosquito may attck several times or several mosquitoes could be the culprit.

Another possibility is that the rash caused by the mosquito bite (or by something the mosquito carried) could spread by scratching.

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Q: Can mosquito bites spread
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Does HIV infected throat of mosquitoes and dogs and can spend by dog bites and mosquito bites?

No, HIV cannot be spread to humans from mosquito bites or dog bites. There are no animals that can infect humans with the HIV virus by biting or scratching them.

How does plasmodium spread?

Plasmodium spreads through the bites of the infected Anopheles Mosquito

Can dogs get mosquito bites?

Yes - in Australia, this is how heartworm (a deadly desease) is spread.

How was yellow fever and malaria spreaded ww1?

It was spread by female mosquito bites.

How does the mosquito spread malaria?

When the female anopheles mosquito bites the patient of malaria, it gets infected with the parasite. Then it transmits the infection to next persons, it bites, through out the life span of about six months.

Can AID's be transmitted by mosquito bites?

No it cannot. That is not how the virus works. AIDS has to be spread from person to person.

How is yellow fever acquired?

Yellow fever is acquired through mosquito bites. When a mosquito bites you, it's backwash is injected into your body (which causes the itch of the bites). If the mosquito is a carrier of yellow fever, it will be in its backwash and you will contract it once bitten. This is also how malaria and African sleeping sickness is spread.

Does HIV infected the blood of mosquitoes and dogs and can spread by dog bites and mosquito bites?

HIV is spread from infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid, a mother's milk, or any other body fluid exchange from person to person. Infected blood spread from the bite of a mosquito or spread by a dog bite is a myth and misconception. Other diseases can be contracted from a mosquito or dog though.

Is chickungunya a communicable disease?

Yes, chickungunya is a communicable disease. It is a viral disease spread by mosquito bites.

What are the preventive measures for yellow fever?

Sprays preventing spread of mosquito bites , housing in netted areas

How does the west nile virus spread?

Via infected mosquito that bites an infected bird and then an uninfected human.

How does dengue fever spread?

I just recovered from a serious case of Dengue Fever. From what I know Dengue Fever does not spread like the other fevers. If a mosquito bites a Dengue Infected person and then bites you, the Dengue Fever is spread to you.

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