Can mustangs be tamed

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Yes, Mustangs can breed in captivity. However their breeding is controlled for the most part by their owners and they should still be subject to the same breeding criteria as any domestic horse breed.

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yes they can be tamed it just takes some time

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Tame wild mustangs with love and lots of patience. Use methods from the Horse Whisperer.

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Q: Can mustangs be tamed
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Are mustang horses tamed or wild?

Mustangs are feral . or both because they can be tamed but most are wild

How many mustang horses are in the world?

Well, there are no WILD ones here. But mustangs are tamed by humans.

Are Kiger Mustang a domestic animal?

Kiger Mustangs were found as feral horses, but yes, many have been tamed. They're also quite beautiful and rare.

How are horses threatening other species?

There not trying to. Some cattle ranchers think that the wild ones ae stealing all there cattles grazing land. And some mustangs will try to steal tamed horses.

Can dolphin be can be tamed?

The mammal dolphin (there is a fish with that name) can be tamed. The biggest dolphin in the world is the Killer Whale/Orca and it can be tamed.

What can't be tamed?

boys can't be tamed

Who makes mustangs?

santa makes mustangs

When did mustangs come out?

Mustangs came out in 1964.

When was The Mustangs created?

The Mustangs was created in 2001.

How can you save wild mustangs?

We can make reservations for the mustangs or make it against the law to kill the mustangs.

What is the prefix of tamed?


How horses are different from other horses?

Mustangs are a mix of breeds from far back in their generation. They are also not tamed (broken). Unlike mustangs regular horses have breeds that people know and that are not unknown like the mustang. In simple form mustangs are a unknown breed actually that's why that's what there names are because no one knows their breed. Mustangs are mix breed horses that no one knows the base breed from, they were thought to have been bred to become the "best horse" by early people in the west. They were breeding their horses to be sure footed, easy to mount and ride, strong hooves, and maintain all the quialities needed to be the best horse for the terain and uses they had.