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Yes, it can.

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Q: Can my car get repossed from a private parking lot?
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Private parking lot car accidents?

There are a great many different private parking lot car accidents. This is the most common type of accident in fact.

Is it illegal to drive a car without a license on a private parking lot?

No, if you have the owner of the parking lots permission.

Tree falls on car in private parking lot who is responsible for car damages?

your auto insurance

Can a cop give you a ticket in a private parking lot for going the wrong way?

Defining private parking lot is the question here... The jurisdiction extends if the parking lot is regarded as a public access way... i.e. a mall, a hotel driveway, restaurant parking lot. A true private parking lot is a lot where access is limited by invitation or a private residence.

In Colorado can you get a ticket for hitting a car in a private parking lot?

Was the cop wearing his hat? If so yes.

Who is at fault in a parking lot accident where one car was coming into the parking lot and then hit from the side by another car?

Its the person that hit the car coming in to the parking lot because probably the bad car was speeding. :)

Is a mc donalds parking lot considered public or private?

Private property.

Is repossessing a car from an open private parking lot legal in new York?

Yes, as long as they dont break anything to get to it.

Can you Park your car in or park your car on?

in the parking lot

Whats the best game to play?

a car game named Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2 search for Parking Lot or Parking Lot 2

How do you spell where you park your car?

parking space car park parking lot drive driveway

Can you sue a parking lot for damaging your car?


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