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Nerve damage can lead to brain damage if they emerge directly from the brain.

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Q: Can nerve damage lead to brain damage?
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Can neuropathy go to the brain?

Neuropathy can affect the brain. It can damage the cranial nerves that lead out of the brain. The cranial nerves, except for cranial nerve II which is the optic nerve, are a part of the peripheral nervous system.

What part of the body does the optic nerve lead to?

The brain.

What causes your head to shake?

stress or a damage nerve in the brain.

How can the auditory nerve be damaged?

ear infections can damage the auditory nerve and can lead you to being deaf.

Lead poisoningwhateffect does lead poisoning as a child have on you when you are an adult?

Lead poisoning affects your nerve and brain cells. Thus, it can hurt a child's athletic ability and his mental ability. That is why instead of playing golf like Tiger Woods, you are a duffer. That is why instead of performing the Brain Surgery, you are sweeping the operating room floor. Lead poisoning caused your nerve damage wrecking your fine motor skills. It also affected your brain and learning ability.

Which part of the brain does the optic nerve lead to?

Lateral Genicluate Nucleus

Can you get a brain tumor from drinking alcohol?

no too much alcohol can lead to liver damage not brain damage or tumor.

Damage to cochlea brain auditory nerve can cause what?

sensorineural hearing loss.

How do you prevent brain damage in nerve agent victims?

Diazepam is a drug used to protect nerve agent victims from brain damage. Pyridostigmine Bromide (PB) is only approved for the pre-treatment of exposure to a nerve agent , it enhances the effectiveness of treatments after exposure.

What is an association nerve?

An association nerve is one that runs with the main nerve and can help when needed. Damage to the primary nerve sometimes be overcome by the help from the association nerve.

Why is damage to the brain and spinal cord permanent?

Damage to the brain and spinal cord is permanent because the nerve cells do not regenerate like in the other parts of the body.

What effect does lead poisoning have?

death ,brain damage hallucianating

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