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Can new 3ds games be played on the old 3ds?


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any ds or 3ds game can be played on any 3ds system.

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You can play Nintendo DS and DSi games on the 3ds, but the 3ds doesn't have a slot on the bottom for Gameboy games.

Normally, you can play new DS games on old DS. But if the games says for DSi only, or for 3DS(will be pubulished soon) only,the it can not play on old DS.

Assuming you mean old DS games, yes, the 3DS can play any of them, as long as they do not require Slot-2, like Guitar Hero.

A 3DSc can play NDS and NDSi games

In the Sonic Boom New TV Series and video games for the Wii U and 3DS, He is now 23 years old now in 2014

If it says 3DS on it, then yes. Old ones do not. New ones are made to work in the DSi Store, 3DS shop and Wii channel.

It has a store that you can buy games in, sort of like the app store but at the sane time alot different.It's called the Nintendo Eshop. You can buy old school games such as gameboy or Nes, or buy 3DS Eshop games.

Nintendo 3DS release for some days now, and there are many flash cards can break 3DS well, such as M3i zero, acekard 2i , R4i 3DS, supercard dstwo,i will recommend you M3i zero, it is one of the old and best card, and it is updateable, and will never blocked by Nintendo.There are many 3DS card in the market currently. such as 3DS card, R4i 3DS, R4iTT 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS, R4 3DS, Acekard 3, M3i Zero and so on. All of them can run DSi games on Nintendo 3DS.

You should wait for the PS4 to exist and have games before you want an answer to such a what if question. Based on the past when a new console is released the old one can not play the new console games. Why would you buy the new console if the old one could play the games.

If it's one of the ones that come with a game already installed, then you can transfer a 3DS profile to it and the XL's game will be added to your profile, it will not be overwritten. However if the new XL already has a profile (a Mii, etc) then anything specific to that profile will be overwritten, and anything on its SD card will be inaccessible.

There is generally no age limit to own a 3DS.

There is no certain age limit. To use the 3D Mode, you do have to be 7 or older though.

The old PS3 can only play the oldest PS3 games. A new PS3 can play both new and old games.

Yes, it works with any kind of old DS game that requires mic.

about a year and a half

It definitely won't be: it is a completely different system, after all. R4 DS is an old card. it can only support Nintendo DS and DS lite. But there are some new r4 3ds cards in the market now. The most famous r4 3ds card is r4i sdhc 3ds and r4i gold 3ds. Yes,you are right.R4DS card can't work with 3DS,You should get R4i sdhc 3ds CARD.

The original Olympics committee wanted to begin the new Olympic Games where the old ones had been played.

No, the cartridge won't fit into your Nintendo DS, not to mention the system itself is less powerful and can't run the games. You either need a 3DS, 3DS XL or a 2DS.

This is usually depended on how popular the games are/were.For example:Pokemon for the GBA and other handheld systems were very popular, some still are. Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda and some old Final Fantasy games are popular as well.Then, there are new games such as Battlefield 4 and Dota 2 that are very popular.It all depends on the quality of the game and if you're still willing to play the game after 50 hours (just kidding about that last part, I was exaggerating).Also, lots of old video games have large pixels and old fighting styles, but they're still great games to play. New video games have more of a high definition...But to answer your question briefly: New released Video Games are more often played than old video games.

Old games were stored on cartridges and new games are stored on laser discs. New games have more intricate systems and engines from the days of old, that just were simple and fun (well, most of the time). In short, old video games got to the point fast, and new video games are much longer and have more intricate storylines.

Save data is tied to the 3DS that wrote it, so it should be clarified what you're trying to do. If you want to plainly copy the data from one 3DS to another 3DS, this is not possible. The other 3DS will be unable to use this data as it was not written by that console. If however you mean you want to do a System Transfer and retain the game's save data on the new system, you perform the transfer first and then swap SD cards over, and the new console will treat it the same as the old one did.

Nintendo 3DS Games like Pilotwings Resort and Super Mario 3D Land allow gamers a new perspective on old genres. With the new Mario game, you're not only jumping on flat platforms, you're jumping in three dimensions like holding a miniature diorama in your hands. The effect is impossible to describe and must be seen to be believed, but it really does put you right in the action and give you a real grasp of the action in 3D.

No, but you can trade in your old DSi for credit toward a 3DS. So if you trade it in, you'll save 50-100 dollars on your 3DS.

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