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Yes, nitrogen can be liquified. It's a vey common process in fact. That is how it is transported. It is pressurized and stored in an insulated dewar. See: By the way, any gas can be liquified if you reduce the temperature or increase the pressure sufficiently!

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Q: Can nitrogen be liquified
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What gas is used in preserving food?

Liquified nitrogen

How is the nitrogen from a dead animal converted back to thr nitrogen?

liquified natural gas

How nitrogen in liquid held together?

Liquified by high pressure and/or low temperature.

Can gas be liquified?

Yes, all gases can be liquified at a sufficiently low temperature.

Does Uranus have a rocky core?

No, Uranus is a gas giant, which signifies that it is primarily composed of liquid and gaseous compounds. Most probably liquified forms of hydrogen and nitrogen.

Under what condition can gases can be liquified?

Gases can be liquified at low temperature or high pressure.

How do you spell liquified?

Liquified. Unless you live in the USA where they alter the ENGLISH to suit themselves.

In lpg cylinder the gas filled is in the liquified state?

Yes. LPG - (liquified petroleum gas)

Can methane be liquified?

hmmm this is tough but if you add fire it expldes and if u add cold nothing happens but i still wouldn't try something crazy like freezing and unfreezing it with liquid nitrogen

Is milk liquified?

Milk is a liquid

What element is extracted from air When liquified it is used to launch space rockets?

Common elements pulled from the atmosphere used in spaceflight are oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Nitrogen isn't used for propellant, its actually used prior to ignition to purge the engines of anything that may inhibit or react during ignition.

What is the fullform of LNG?


Can liquified creamer spoil?

Yes, it can spoil.

In what organ is food liquified?

large intestine

What does LP Gas stand for?

Liquified Petroleum

How do you kill fleas with?

putting it in liquified gas.

What is the outer core made out of?

Liquified nickel and iron.

What word means made into a liquid?


When oxygen can be liquified?

Its melting point is -218.79 °C.

What is is the outer core made out of?

Liquified nickel and iron.

Why is air consider as a mixture while it cannot be separated physically?

It can be separated physically. By gradualy cooling air the gases are liquified each at their own teperature. The end result is solid CO2 (Cardice), liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.

Is liquified petroleum gas a gas or not?

Yes, Liquified Petroleum Gas is a Gas. It is a mixture of butane and propane. Also ethyl mercaptan is added to LPG to detect the gas leakage.

What is the chemical formula for LPG?

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas, but is almost always construed as meaning Liquified Propane gas. Propane is an alkane with the chemical formula C3H8.

What are different physical properties between diamond and nitrogen?

Come on my dear. Entirely different comparison. Nitrogen is a gas @ NTP. Diamond is rock-hard crystalline form of carbon. (solid) Nitrogen is present in air upto 78%. Diamond has to be unearthed. Nitrogen is naturally occurring (through super novas) Carbon is compressed under huge pressure of earth and allotrophic changes to Diamond. Nitrogen is a simple asphyxiant (replaces oxygen) and could kill us. Diamond needs to be polished for the luster. Nitrogen can be liquified. Diamond will never change its shape (of its own) Diamond can be cut by another diamond only. Total refractive index is high. It is affected by Nitrogen (impurity).

What type of shampoo does Robert Pattinson use?

liquified heaven.