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Yes. I have my degree in K9 noseology.

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Do dogs have nose prints like humans have fingerprints?

Yes, dogs have nose prints that are similar to human fingerprints in that each nose print is unique. Dog nose prints can be used to identify a dog, but these records are not standard.

Can humans can nose prints be used to identify dogs?


Fingerprints are used to identify humans Can nose prints be used to identify dogs?


Fingerprints are used to identify humans can nose prints be used to idenify dogs?

Yes Nose prints have been used by kennel clubs worldwide since the 1930's

Fingerprints are identify humans can nose prints be used to identify dogs?

yes they can be used

Fingerprints are used to identyfy humans can nose prints identyfy dogs?

No. Why would we use nose prints when we now have microchips to locate our lost animals?

How can nose prints be used to indentify dogs?

Nose prints can be used to identify dogs as they are similar to our fingers prints no two are alike. This can be one of many different methods to prove the identity of your dog should it become lost or stolen. Other forms of identification are microchips, tattoos, and id tags on collars.

Can nose prints be used to identify animals?

Not really. It is much easier and simpler to identify animals by their foot prints, not nose-prints.

What is used instead of fingerprints to identify gorillas?

Nose prints. Every gorilla has a unique nose print.

Can nose prints be used to indenitify dogs?

Yes, a dog's noseprint is unique, like a human's fingerprint. Some vets are starting to take noseprint IDs as part of a dog's medical records.

If fingerprints are used to identify humans can paw prints be used to identify dogs?

As we all know, nobody has the same fingerprints. Soem dogs have the same paw prints though. Many dogs have a microchip in there neck. When you microchip a dog they send the information and the microchip number to a website and that's how they identify many lost and homeless dogs.

What is the black part of a dogs nose called?

The black part of a dogs nose is called a muzzle and is damp. It is used to sniff out all kinds of things.

Can nose points be used to identify dogs?

maybe yes no

Can nose prints be used to identify dogs?

Yes. Animal nose prints are as individual as fingerprints are for people. They do change somewhat with age, but there are recognizable patterns that stay constant. The Canadian Kennel Club has accepted nose printing as a form of canine identification since 1938. There are also companies in the US that are starting to keep nose print data bases for pet owners. Some animal agencies are beginning to advocate getting your dog nose printed. They say it is more reliable than microchips that can become dislodged or malfunction, or tags that can be lost or removed. It is a very reliable means of identification.

How could you get your dogs nose black again?

u should give the dog water or something because if the dogs nose is not black then it must be sickUmmm--some dogs have pinkish or liver-colored noses naturally. It does not mean that they are sick. Water does not cure dogs' illnesses, anyway. Do you mean your dog's nose used to be black and changed color, or is your dog's nose pale and you just think black looks better? You can sometimes buy such dyes from vendors at dog shows--but if your dog is a show dog and you change his appearance with dyes, he will be disqualified from showing.

How are fingerprints stored in the database that are used by the computers that examine and identify dogs?

Dogs don't have fingerprints.... however, a dog's nose is made up of the same type of skin (friction skin) and can be used in a similar manner as a human's fingerprints.

What is the cats nose used for?

The cat's nose is used for smelling food if it's hungry or fire to warn if it needs to go away. You should ask what's the cats ears or tails for now THAT is an interesting story. The cats nose is used for the same reason as the dogs nose just it's not as powerful because the cat doesn't need to smell out enemys like guard dogs. I don't know why you asked that because that was pretty simple, I just knew that I didn't need to check out other websites to do that or nothin well anyways toodleloo

Why can finger prints be used to identify individuals?

each person has a unique genetically determined set of finger prints

What are black diamonds used for?

Black diamonds are usually used for jewelery when they are so identified. When not identified as such, they are probably used as industrial diamonds.

What resolution is used for laser prints?

5 dpi

What websites can be used to order photo prints online?

A few websites that can be used to order prints are kodak gallery, shutterfly, and snapfish. You can also go to a big site like walmart and target, and they lead you with links to places with places to order your prints.

Why can fingerprints be used for identification?

Fingerprints are reliable due to the fact that no two people have the same finger prints. Even identical twins have different fingerprints! In addition to finger prints, your lip prints, ear prints and palm prints are all unique. Here is a really good basic write up on them and how they can be used and what we can do with them in law enforcement.

How could dust and dirt be used in an investigation?

Finger prints

What is an iris print?

An iris print is a high end ink jet print used to check the color of the final prints. It is also used for high end printing of art prints.

How do dogs help man?

Dogs are used on farms to herd cattle or sheep Dogs are used in search and rescue operations Dogs are used as guides for the blind Dogs are used as search dogs at country borders Dogs can fetch your slippers and news paper