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Can nursing homes help the elderly?



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My doctor prefers to call it "God's Waiting Room." My mother was in a nursing home and my husband's father was in one. The nurses are very good in most of the nursing home (you have to interview several nursing homes though) but there simply aren't enough nurses to go around so although the elderly are cleaned up, fed, given medication there is little exercise for them. The nurses do the best they can. Often the first thing to go on the elderly (if you pay attention) is their legs. It's the lack of exercise. If one is fortunate enough to be wealthy enough to put their parent into an expensive nursing home then you basically can call the shots and pay all the bills. For most of us this simply isn't an option. On the whole most qualified nursing homes are pleasant and it's the visits from family (or bringing the elderly person home for a few hours on the weekend) that can make them the happiest. I think the first answer pretty much hit the nail on the head. except i think it's not enough nurses that are the problem, its the profit margin. The bottom line, the pay roll, is what says how many nurses are in the homes. I think its a real crime the way some of our elderly spend the last years or months of their lives. I don't have an answer but maybe we could put pressure on our law makers to provide more funds and more inspections of nursing homes and better training for the people that work in the nursing homes. It seems that medical science can keep people alive but there is no quality of life. Maybe the sons and daughters should quit there jobs and care for their parents. i wish I knew the answer......this is a quote ........"They will do anything for their meager small salary"...(Adolf Hitler ) I certainly agree with the above poster in saying that our elderly are not given the dignity they deserve. The nurses and doctors blame the government, yet it's the nurses and doctors that want more money, so, they get it and where does it come out of ... the care for the elderly! Administration fees are extremely high so when hospitals ask me for donations if it's over 10% they don't get a dime from me. I have gathered other people together for donations and bought a second hand machine for a hospital, but that's as much as I'll do. Who wants to line the pockets of Administration. Our governments haven't provided for the mass volume of elderly and the Baby Boomers are coming up hot and heavy and there will be a real over-load eventually. I'm 65 and everyone knows that I have given orders (as far as I know I'm in my right mind right now LOL) that I can live in my small rancher with my husband (or without depending on what happens in the future) and let me live in dignity. You can die just as well at home as you can in a nursing home and dwindle away. I love my pets, so when the time comes, don't come for me to stick me in a nursing home or I'll have a shot gun loaded with rock salt! LOL Most nursing homes don't allow pets so the elderly who have pets have to give them up (that in itself is a crushing blow.) Many of our nursing homes in British Columbia have mascots such as a dog or a cat that make the rounds, but that's not enough for some of the elderly. The elderly have put years into our society, paid taxes and some have fought in wars and we don't give them the dignity they deserve. We sign petitions here demanding better treatment and sooner or later they have to listen. The media is also a good source. I have good solutions and have written my government. How about college students or even High School students being Candy Stripers and reading to the elderly or taking them for a little walk. It would help the students and the elderly. It can be rewarding work as well. The elderly should have their own private little room with some of their own things. All my mother was allowed was a very few pictures, her teddy bears that she collected and of course a bit of clothing, but that was it! That's no way to pass on. If I could have I would have had my mother live with my hubby and I and would have had round the clock care for her and let her die in dignity in our home, but we just couldn't afford it and my mother was very ill and suffered from Dementia.