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Smoking makes it worse, most people who smoke are more susceptible to bronchitis, colds, Asthma, pneumonia, and sinus problems due to making your lungs weak by smoking and thus making you ill and ending up catching every sickness that you are exposed to.

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Q: Can occasional smoking ease asthma symptoms?
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What does smoking mullein do?

It helps ease the symptoms of some lung problems.

What are the most common childhood asthma symptoms?

The most common childhood asthma symptoms are wheezing, cough, tightness of chest. One should get medication from family doctor to ease this discomfort.

Is indestion a physical effect of smoking marijuana?

No. Medical marijuana is actually used to help ease the symptoms of indigestion and nausea.

For what STD do Antiviral drugs ease symptoms but cannot cure the infection?

Antivirals like acyclovir and valacyclovir ease the symptoms of genital herpes, but there is no cure.

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Heroin makes you feel relaxed at ease and all your troubles melt away. It also can have health problems like asthma from smoking and vein problems from injecting. Don't start as you will become addicted very quickly.

Recommendations about smoking?

the recommendation for smoking is no more than 10 fags a day...Smoking should be stopped before it stops us.Quit smoking so that you feel easeat brething.Stop making "smoking" a habit.

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Is smoking weed good for your health?

No! There is nothing good that can come out of smoking pot! It is very psychologically addicting and it damages your body severely. It also produces symptoms similar to alcohol, which puts others at risk as well. Don't do it. (actually, it helps ease pain, and can be prescribed as a pain killer)

Will coming off the contraceptive pill ease your PMS as you feel it never helped anyway?

This is difficult to honestly answer. If you originally started taking BC pills because you've suffered from PMS symptoms, then its unlikely stopping BC pills will ease your PMS symptoms. Its possible that changing to a different BC pills will ease your PMS symptoms.

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Pilocarpine can help.

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Yes, some supplements help to alleviate menopause symptoms in some people but not in others.

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There is no cure this just ease symptoms

How does one quit using the smoking cessation method?

Basically, smoking cessation is simply not smoking anymore. There are nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum with amounts of nicotine in them to help ease the cravings.

How long do the withdrawal symptoms from getting off phynabaratol last?

Actually, phenobarbital is used to ease withdrawal symptoms, especially from Benzos.

What can do to ease the asthma attack on your dog?

I have a cocker spainal and as you know they have long hair and i also have asthma. so therfore i have to make sure we trim him so his hair isn't too long. that should help.

Will smoking cannabis effect your hiatus hernia?

No its suppose to ease pain..take it and gaviscon if you have gerd

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Women who are still having periods but who have annoying menopausal symptoms may take low-dose birth control pills to ease the problems; this treatment has been approved by the FDA for perimenopausal symptoms in women under age 55

What are the major symptoms of perimenapause?

Some of the major symptoms of menopause are irregular heart beat, anxiety, feeling ill at ease, and hot flashes.

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No, I don't think so, but your cat might like it.

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Usually on your everyday website will post a plethora of symptoms that can give easy access to plenty information.This should more than enough symptoms to ease your needs

What can you do or take to make withdrawal symptoms go away?

I forgot to say what you are withdrawling from. So my question was is there anything you can do or take at home that will ease withdrawl symptoms from using methadone or heroin

What do you give a person who has allergic reaction?

Allergy medications such as Zyrtec or benadryl. This will help ease the symptoms of the allergic reaction.

How to help withdrawal?

Involve an MD....benzodiazepines and hypertension drugs can ease up symptoms for first week or two.

What are the remedies for exercise induced asthma?

A fast acting inhaler is the most common remedy for exercise induced asthma. Along with stoppage of stressful or straining exercising to help ease the pain of the asthma. Answer2: You need to really pace yourself when exercising so that you do not get winded/short of breath and overexert yourself. Keep your inhaler with you at ALL times no matter what.

What are the peptic ulcer symptoms?

Peptic ulcer symptoms can be pain in the stomach, nausea, indigestion, burping, bloating, or vomiting. You can try antacids like Tums or Maalox to help ease the pain.