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Alone they do not. One way of making it work is setting a good contrasting color like black, white, beige etc. then choosing whether to wear a lot of purple and a little red or the other way around. Example: black pants/skirt, purple shirt/top and red eyeshadow/accessories/shoes.

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Olive green can match with bright green based on the current trends in fashion.

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Q: Can olive green match with bright green in fashion?
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What does a green shirt match with?

A green shirt would match with jeans or khaki shorts or pants. Or black. Not much else... Oh brown would work too! But then you'd look like a tree and a dog may pee on you...

Liquid silver color better to match clothes or olive green color easier?

Olive green is generally easier to match with liquid silver, but this is a matter of opinion.

What colors to mix with bright green to make olive drab green?

Green must be added with black to make olive drab green.

What color is lichen?

Lichen can be bright green, grayish green, olive gray, reddish, orange, yellow, or brown.

Does yellow and black make the color green?

Yes, but it's more like a natural green instead of bright. (kind of olive)

What was all the fashion in 1994?

The fashion in 1994 was polo shirts in olive green, oat meal and grey colours, belly shirts (Crop tops) and denim overalls

What are all the names for the color green.?

mint, emerald, verde, lime,Shades of green :Apple green,Asparagus,Bright green,Chartreuse,Dark olive green,Dark spring green,Dartmouth green,Electric green,Fern green,Forest green, Green,Green-yellow,Harlequin,Honeydew,Hunter green,India green,Islamic green,Jungle green,Lawn green,Lime, Lime green,Mantis,Mint,Mint cream,Office green,Olive,Olive drab,Pakistan green,Paris Green,Persian green, Phthalo green,Pigment green,Pine green,Pistachio,Sea green,Shamrock green,Spring bud,Spring green,Teal,Yellow-green

Can you show the color olive green?

Olive Green is a darkish murky brown green.

What colors can a bearded dragon have?

It varies... the background colour is usually a sandy yellow - with random 'blotches' of colour ranging from olive green to bright orange.

Other shades for the color green?

There are many shades of green. Some of them are light, like lime, sea foam, and pastel greens. Some of them are very bright, like emerald, olive, and hunter.

What color match with olive green paint?

I'm thinking a beige or different shades of brown because it brings out the natural tones in the green. even a certain complementing yellow would work

What wall paint colors go with olive green sofa?

olive green of course