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Not as long as both parents have parental rights. If one parent gives up his parental rights which is required when putting a child in foster care, the other parent is the first one in line to take the child since she still have her parental rights. This assuming both are fit to parent.

If the parents are not married and the father has not proved paternity in court and got his parental rights he should do so asap and then he has rights to the child. The social workers usually ask relatives first if they are interested in taking the child. There is a shortage fo foster families and staying with family is considered best for the child.

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What happens when a child is at school and a parent gets deported?

If the child is a legal citizen they go to the closest legal relative, if there is no one to take the child they go into foster care. If the child is not a legal citizen they will be deported with the parent. If the child is a legal citizen and they aren't registered in school they can be deported with the parent as well.

How do you spell fallsterhome?

The phrase made up of two words is spelled "foster home". To foster means to take in, to care for, to look after. In human life, to foster a child means that an adult or two adults take in a child to care and provide guidance to the child in place of the child's parents. "Foster homes" used to simply be called "children's homes" in the late 1800s to early 1900s. These "children's homes" were often caring for as many children as could fit into one private residence (house). Slowly, the concept of a "foster home" became more of one home with two adults caring for one or several children. Foster parents had to apply with the State where they resided in order to take in children, and the State sets limits on how many "foster children" can be raised in one "foster home" with a "foster parent" (or plural, two foster parents). At first, only married couples could be foster parents, but now many single adults assume the foster parent role. In exchange for providing "foster care", the adult(s) are paid a set sum of money per each child under their care.

Can a minor request to live with a friend and their legal parent instead of foster care in a abusive situation?

First of all report the abusive one to services 2nd of all you can live anywhere as long as you have your parent 3rd of all foster care is only of no one wants to take care of you so yea you can live at your friends house with your legal parent

Is it okay for a parent to stay home and take care of a child while the other parent is out working a job?

it is okay for one parent to work a job and for the other to stay at home and take care of a child as long as it makes the child and the parent happy! and if the child is getting the care that is needed and there is being enough money made to support the family.

What is a foster child?

a child raised by someone who is not its natural or adoptive parent. a needy child, as one living in an impoverished country, supported or aided by contribution to a specific charity.

If a child is in foster care in Ontario Canada at what age can they legally leave the foster home?

A child in foster care can leave at the age of 16 years. They do give them the choice of still staying until they are 18 years old.. But just so foster children know they have a right to leave care at 16. The child themselves have the CHOICE... Talk to your worker, and if they dont want to help you, demand a lawyer or go to one, or ask a teacher or friend to help you out.

What the name of Hitlers foster child?

Hitler never had a foster child or a biological one.

What is a name of Hitlers foster child?

Hitler never had a foster child or a biological one.

How long before you can claim child abandonment by the other parent in California?

According to section 7822.3 of the California codes: "One parent has left the child in the care and custody of the other parent for a period of one year without any provision for the child's support, or without communication from the parent, with the intent on the part of the parent to abandon the child."

Whats the name of Hitlers foster child?

Hitler never had a foster child or a biological one.

What is the real name of Hitler's foster child?

Hitler never had a foster child or a biological one.

Are foster kids and orphans the same?

They care not the same. The definition of an orphan can vary. Some consider it losing one parent while other consider it losing both parents. Foster kids are kids that are in the foster care system some due to being orphaned but some for other reasons.

Have social worker got right to say about foster care if your not coping with child with autism or is it the parents right to decide where child goes like a residential home?

The parents do not decide what home the child goes to since in order for a child to go into foster care they have given up their parental rights (or they have been taken from them). It's the social workers job to evaluate the foster care homes to find one that suits the child. Finally the court decide but they usually follow what the social workers recommend.

If you are getting hit and choked by one parent can you go live with your other parent if you share joint custody?

This abuse should be communicated to the other parent that the minor child wishes to live with. If the parent cannot look after the minor child because of their working hours or their job that may have them traveling out of country, then the minor should report the abuse to Child Aid. Once Child Aid is involved the courts will decide if the other parent would be more suitable for the child to live with or they may decide that child can live with grandparents or other relatives. If this is not possible then the courts will take charge and generally put the minor child in foster care until they are no longer a minor.

When do children go into foster care?

Children can go into foster care for many reasons. It is a difficult decision to make and is not done lightly. Usually the court will order that a child goes into foster care. But in cases where there is an immediate danger to the child, the authorities can remove the child from the source of danger before asking the courts to consider foster care.Generally the court will rule that a child should go into foster care because the parents are unfit to look after the child.The parents are drug addictsThe parents are alcoholicsThe parents are repeat criminals who are always in and out of police custodyEither of the parents is a registered sex offenderThe parents are too youngThe parents allow a sex offender into their homeThe parents are known to associate with dangerous criminals or have them in their homeThe parents allow people to take drugs in their homeThe parents are abusive to the childEither of the parents has been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse, especially while the child was presentOne parent who is a victim of domestic abuse refuses to press charges against the abuser or end the relationship, putting the child at riskThe parents leave underage children home aloneThe children are not properly fed, clothed or accommodated

What are the reasons foster kids leave their foster homes?

Foster Care Placement DisruptionsFoster children can leave a foster home for a variety of reasons. Foster care is intended to be a temporary home for a child until that child can be placed in a permanent home. The goal for a child in foster care is usually to be reunited with family. A judge can order that a child be reunified with the biological parents once they have completed their court ordered case plan. Another reason a child could leave a foster home is to be placed in a kinship home. This is when a relative of the child comes forward to take in the child. Typically a home study and background checks must be done on the relatives before the child can be placed in their home.Sometimes when a child is first placed in foster care there is not a foster home available to take an entire set of siblings. A child can be removed from a foster home to be placed with siblings in another foster home once one becomes available.Disruptions in placements are sometimes because of behavioral issues. A child who has been abused, neglected and otherwise had an unstable life may have behavioral issues that are threatening or abusive to the other biological or foster children of the fostering family and even to the foster parents. The child's behaviors may be so extreme that the child needs to be placed in a thearaputic foster home or group home.Although it is often portrayed in the media that foster families are abusive, it is not typical for a child to be removed because of abuse by foster parents. Children who are in foster care often have a variety of attachment and oppositional behaviors leading to false accusations. Even though it is rare, it does happen occasionally.Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances prevent a family from continuing to foster, such as an accident or health problems, and must have the child removed from their home. There are times when a foster child is not able to "fit in" with a foster family and requests to be moved to a different home.When a child is deterimined to have Native American heritage, a child may be moved to foster home that is recognized by the child's affiliated tribe.When the goal of reunification is no longer percieved as attainable, the child can be transitioned to a preadoptive home when the foster parents are not willing or able to adopt the child.When a child reaches a certain age (it varies by state) the child can become emancipated and establish their own independent living arrangements. Some children also run away from their foster homes.Children can also be moved to another foster home if the agency or state who has custody of the child determines that a foster family is disruptive to the goal of reunification. A child can be removed from a foster family that does not maintain the licensing requirements for the agency in which they are fostering.A Good Foster carer will know the benefits of discipline, structure and boundaries, a typical child in foster care does not understand any of these concepts and is used to punishment without reward, parents who give in rather than stick to principles and come and go as they please. Disruption can take place when the child cant take what is good for them and the carer cant enforce it.

Do the non-custodial parent have to pay child support if he or she gives full custody?

If the non-custodial parent becomes the custodial parent they do not have to pay child support. It's the non-custodial who pay to the custodial who is the one who takes care of the child every day.

How much money does a foster parent get for 1 child?

Depends on the state and age and needs of the child. I saw one state that had $650 per month but it differs between states what is included.

What procedure would be followed if a parent wished to make a complaint in child care?

This depends on the contract you (may of) signed. Each child care business is different. If you ahve a complaint, tell the child care provider. But before you do, get a back-up child care provider in case your current one "kicks" you out of their care. The best idea is to tell the child care provider.

What is different foster care and adoption?

When you have a child in foster care, the state is still the legal guardian and the child may still have contact with the biological family. Foster parents have no legal rights to the child, they are just care givers. When a child is adopted, they take on the name of the parents and become equal to any biological children. I have three children, two adopted and one biological. My adopted children are just as much my children as my one biological children. Our names are on their birth certificates as their parents, etc. Their birth parents have NO RIGHTS to them at all. Hope this helps!

Who arranges for child care during the noncustodial parent's visitation time when the noncustodial parent has to work during their visits?

The one who would be responsible for the child during that time which would be the non custodial parent.

If an underage mother gets into a physical fight with someone else can the child be taken away?

If the other person files charges against the mother for assult, the mother could get arrested. If no one is there to take care of the child - the child will be put in foster care.

Does the non custodial parent have the right to know who comes in contact with his child?

No. None of the parents have an obligation to tell the other one who the child sees when in their care.

How soon after you are licensed for foster care should you expect a child?

In this state, it depends on your agreement with HRS. If you agreed to take abused children just pulled out of the home awaiting a court hearing, you could get one the next day. If you are on the list to take a child for a year after the court assigns the child to foster care after the court hearing, it could be several weeks.

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