Can one really practice personal hygiene?

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  1. Anyone can practice personal hygiene. it can take time to get used to but you'll feel good about yourself once you get the hang of it.
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Q: Can one really practice personal hygiene?
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How should one practice personal hygiene?

Anyone can practice personal hygiene. it can take time to get used to but you'll feel good. It is important to practice personal hygiene because personal hygiene prevents the body to acquire diseases from our dirty environment

How concerned should one be with personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is very important to keep up. A lack of good hygiene will cause you to smell and people will not want to be around you.

Are there any websites that teach personal hygiene?

One of the most popular website to teach personal hygiene is This website carries a wide range of topics on hygiene.

Why personal hygiene is important to the hospitality employees and what are the important points of personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene can impact on the consumers health and the health of yourself. Opinions can be made on identification of how clean a business and its employees are and how well they maintain that standard. The success of a business balances on the shoulders of each employee and the benefits they provide. Personal hygiene is one of those benefits

Can your personal hygiene affect you working in the uniformed public service?

Yes it does, personal hygiene is one of the main things they will look for because working in a public service you must represent them and with bad hygiene you dont set the right image.

How much water does one city dweller use per day for personal hygiene?

The average person uses 350L just for hygiene purposes in one day.

How do you support an individual to develop personal hygiene routine?

Encouraging an individual in a personal hygiene routine, can include openly acting as a model by mentioning one's own routine. It can also include gifts of products and compliments for improvement.

What is a regimen of frequent baths and showers called?

Hygiene is the routine or regimen of practice to maintain health. Frequent baths and showers are often parts of one's person hygiene regimen.

How bad can the average teenager smell?

If one does not practice regular hygiene, their body odor can resemble that of dead and decaying flesh.

Is a Dental Hygienist career a well paying job?

A career in Dental Hygiene is a well paying career, considering the amount of schoolign required. The Median (Average) Annual Income of a Dental Hygienist is $65,590, which is a pretty big number considering one can practice dental hygiene with only an Associate's Degree and a certificate to practice Dental Hygiene.

How important is personal hygiene in the adoloscent years?

It probably isn't as most of the dirty Little buggers seem to get through it in one piece.

What does it mean to dream of deodorant?

It is not possible to provide a meaningful interpretation based on one detail of a dream. "Deodorant" might refer to an obsession with personal hygiene or its opposite: a lack of personal hygiene. Alternatively, a commercial for deodorant might have been heard from the next room and influenced the sleeper's dreams.

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