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Can ozone be harmful to humans?

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Yes exposure to enough ozone in the air we breathe can kill you.
It is beneficial in the upper atmosphere where it blocks cancer causing UV rays.

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What does ozone doe to blood?

Ozone is harmful for humans. It is a pollutant on earth's surface.

Why are humans concerned about the ozone?

The humans are concerned about ozone. This is because it protects us from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Why is ozone important to humans?

Ozone is very important to humans as it protects us from the harmful radiations of the sun. It is present as a pool of ozone molecules in the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

What chemicals produced by humans damage the ozone layer?

The chemicals produced by humans damaging ozone are CFC's. They are also called Chlorofluorocarbons. They are harmful for ozone.

Why is an ozone hole dangerous to humans?

Yes, ozone hole is dangerous to humans. Ozone hole would lead people expose to UV rays which are harmful.

What is the importance of ozone to humans?

Ozone acts as blanket to earth. It protects from the harmful UV radiations.

What type of harmful gases are in the ozone layer right now?

Ozone and intense UV destroys gases that might be harmful to humans, so "none".

Where in the atmosphere is ozone beneficial to humans?

The ozone present in stratosphere is beneficial to humans. It is because it protects us from the harmful Uv rays of the sun.

How is ozone harmful to humans?

Ozone layer present in troposphere is known as bad ozone. It is a pollutant and is a major constituent of urabn smog.

Why is ozone in the atmosphere of interest to humans?

It protects humans from UV rays. These are harmful rays of the sun.

What is the main importance of the ozone layer to humans?

Ozone helps to absorb the UV rays. These are the harmful rays of the sun.

How is ozone layer harmful?

Ozone layer is not harmful. Absence of ozone layer is harmful.

What are the harmful effects of ozone hole?

The formation of ozone hole is very harmful for life on earth. It is because this ozone hole allows harmful UV radiation to enter the surface of earth which can cause various fatal diseases to humans and animals.

Is the ozone harmful to humans?

The ozone itself is not harmful. The ozone is the layer between us and the sun that keeps the radiation (that comes from the sun) from poisoning us. We humans pollute the air with all kinds of non-organic elements which eat up the ozone layer. We are slowly driving ourselves to extinction.

Why are CFCs harmful to humans?

Chloroflourocarbons are not directly hazardous to humans, the chlorine in them rises to the ozone and turns the ozone into normal oxygen, which does not protect us from cosmic radiation, hence the hole in the ozone layer.

In what layer of the atmosphere is the ozone helpful to humans?

Helpful in the stratosphere, harmful in the troposphere.

Which part of the atmosphere shields humans from the suns harmful ways?

Ozone layer

What does the ozone layer do for humans?

The ozone layer protects us from harmful ultra violet(UV) beams

How do humans impact on Ozone Layer?

Humans are the one causing the most impact. They release very harmful CFC's.

What refrigerant is not harmful to the ozone?

Most of the refrigerants are harmful. HCFC's are not harmful to ozone.

Why is the ozone good for humans?

Because it protects us from the suns harmful rays/radiation.

Which part of the atmosphere shields humans from the suns harmful rays?

The ozone layer protects it.

Why is the ozone layer good for humans?

The 'ozone' layer in the upper atmosphere blocks out harmful (cancer causing) ultraviolet light from the Sun.

What effects might the ozone have on humans and other organisms?

Ozone acts as a shield to the earth. It protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.

Why is halogenoalkanes harmful to ozone layer?

Halogenalkanes are harmful to ozone. They react with ozone and deplete it.