Can paint thinner make a person unconscious?

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Yes, it is possible.
Yes, it can. The vapors of some thinners are toxic, and in a high concentration can make you sick or unconscious- or dead. This is why "huffing" paint is dangerous..

How do you save an unconscious drowning person?

First thing you do is to shout for help. You can continue to shout till you get the help. Meanwhile you have to do resuscitation measures to save the patient. You have to clear the air way first. You compress the the chest by the side of thorax. Some water may come out. You can take out the water by ( Full Answer )

What is personal unconscious?

\nWe all have in our minds:conscious thinking, subcomscious thinking and some say we have an unconscious mind which we have no conscious awareness of, but it is very powerful and may sometimes cause us to behave in ways we may not be aware of, but others are aware, \nwe may also have behaviots tha ( Full Answer )

Can you use paint thinner in acrylic paint?

Paint thinner is nearly alwys used in oil based paints. If you mix it with mosts acrylic paint the paints it will be ruined - unless of course you have a solvent based acrylic - such as a thermoplastic acrylic.

Is methanol paint thinner?

Methanol is known as denatured alcohol. It is the most common paintthinner for shellac. Methanol is used to strip varnishes. Mineralspirits is the stripper used for painted surfaces.

How do you help a person who is unconscious?

First, call for help, or send two people to get help. Tell them "CALL 911!". Don't use the word "help" -- it just confuses them. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. If you're alone, think about the situation and decide what to do first; call for help or attend the patient. It can be a tough ( Full Answer )

Is paint thinner a solution? cant see the mixed substances in it ..therefore its a solution hommie =) - `Spark'Zz

How do you get paint thinner out of a clothes washer?

Accidently threw several paint thinner rags into the washingmachine with a full load of clothing. I can only tell you what doesnot work.... 1) Wash the load 5 times. Smell does not disapate at all. Eyeswatering if the door to the washing machine is open. 2) 2 gallons of vinegar over 2 loads. Eyes s ( Full Answer )

Is lacquer thinner the same as paint thinner?

No. Paint thinner is mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner is hotter than paint thinner and is used to thin lacquer paint. It's also used to clean surfaces prior to painting and to clean up some dried paints. .

What is the chemical name of paint thinner?

I guess it depends on which solvent is used as a paint thinner. For example, the chemical name of Acetone is "dimethyl ketone" or "2-propanone", while some of the chemical names of a mineral spirit (also named white spirit) are "mineral turpentine" or "solvent naphtha".

What liquid can knock a person unconscious?

Water, if frozen into a block, and thrown really hard can sometimes have this effect.. If you mean injested liquid, there's a problem: The line between unconscious and dead is actually a very fine line. Contrary to what you see on the TV, if someone is unconscious, they're in real trouble. This is ( Full Answer )

What is the correct mixture ratio paint to thinners and clear to thinners?

depends on what paint your using. acrylic is upto 50% paint to 50% thinners (same with acrylic clear) and two pack (2k) also depends on what you've got. MS (medium solids) clear or solid colour (not metallic) is 3:1 (3 parts paint : 1 part hardener) and high solids 4:1. hope this helps!?!?!? Basical ( Full Answer )

Which tablet can make a person unconscious?

Lots of different medications can do that depending on the dose and Rohypnol is one. It is however illegal to give such medication to anyone who cannot say yes or no to taking it and it has also killed ppl who had a allergic reaction to it.

Will paint thinner damage leather?

It could. Depending on the thinner that is used, it's always best to follow the instructions on the label and always test it in an inconspicuous area of the material first.

What is the chemical components of paint thinner?

\nJust regular old paint thinner is called Stoddard solvent, or more popularly "mineral spirits." This stuff is never the same twice, and it can contain a lot of different hydrocarbons.

Is paint thinner poisonous?

Yes, do not swallow it and wash it off skin or from eyes if it gets in contact with them.

Is paint thinner the same as turpentine?

no. paint thinner is the same as mineral spitits - it comes from oil refining just like gasoline. Turpentine is a distilled pine tree product (there are artificial versions).

How can you make paint thinner?

Flood makes products that will thin the paint without degrading the paint. Use Flotrol for latex paint and Penetrol for oil-based paints. Follow the directions on the label to determine how much product to add to your paint.

Is laquer thinner the same as paint thinner?

NO! Laquer Thinner is used in automotive paint as a reducer. & sometimes a solvent. Paint Thinner thins Oil based home paint and used as a cleaning solvent for paint brush cleanup, Wood Stain, etc..... IF MY FALLEN MEMORY SERVES ME RIGHT., NOT LEFT.

How is sniffing paint thinners dangerous?

Any inhalant can cause your heart to have irregular rhythm or stop and it destroys brain cells that do not come back. You will get stupid after a while. Can't tie your shoes stupid.

How do you make a thinner?

I dont know but How do you make a question that makes any sense and can be answered?

What should you do if a person is unconscious and does not respond?

Open their airway with the head tilt chin lift or the jaw-thrust (if there is trauma) Look listen and feel. Is the person breathing if so how fast, if not check for a pulse. If their is no pulse begin CPR with chest compressions (30) and then give two rescue breaths. Continue this process until furt ( Full Answer )

How do you dispose of paint thinner?

Most places now have an area for hazardous waste disposal Call your own trash collectors, or your County Waste and Recycle center for info in your area.

Where do you check a unconscious person?

You check for a pulse on their left side of the neck, their wrist or you check for breathing- although normally you'd do all of them.

How do you approach an unconscious person?

You first make sure the scene is safe. Then you approach them and tap on their shoulder asking if they are okay. If they are not, you call 911.

What can you use as paint thinner?

If you are using latex, thin with water. If using enamel, thin with paint thinner. Always read instructions on the can. They always say what to thin it with.

How to perform CPR on an unconscious person?

by unconscious i hope you mean unconscious-not breathing, as it will be fatal to do CPR on a breathing casualty. any way for an adult unconscious not breathing: you should follow your DRABC (danger, responses, airways, breathing, circulation/CPR). once you've checked for danger, you check for re ( Full Answer )

Can an unconscious person turn over?

An unconscious person cannot willfully turn themselves over. However, an unconscious patient should be placed on their side in the recovery position, provided there is no clinical evidence of a cervical spine injury that may compromise life. This position allows any vomit to clear from the patien ( Full Answer )

How make thinner for paint?

If it is latex paint, you can just add water. You have to mix the paint very WELL. If the paint is oil based, I've used a little gasoline to thin it.

What can knock a person unconscious?

A light tap to the temple region of the cranium, a sudden blow to the head, or a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) can cause unconsciousneess.

Does paint thinner kill headlice?

Uhm no...but Lemon does...squeeze the Lemon Juice on the hair && let it rest for 10 mins.then wash it.:) hoped i help

What do you need for a person who is unconscious?

it depends if they have just fainted or if they are going to be out for a while, it also depends on the situation. If the person faints you should rub their hands and arms and try to get circulation running. also they should be on a relatively flat surface and after they wake up, give them some food ( Full Answer )

Why use paint thinner on the job?

There are many reasons you would need to use paint thinner while on the job. The main reason that you would use paint thinner on the job is if you were going to repaint something and needed to remove the old paint first.

What thinner do you use for auto paint?

The special thinner specified for the Brand and type of paintt inuse. I generally use "Fast" when given a choice, I live in a cloderclimate and it works better at my normall shop tmpuratures


No, paint thinner is not considered a binder. A binder is kind oflike a glue that holds dried paint together and makes it stick tothe surface that it is applied to.


Thinners, binders, and carrier liquids are a few of a number ofvehicle used with other active ingredients or paint pigments. So,yes, paint thinner is a vehicle as long as it contains activeingredients or pigments.