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Yes, palm trees can and do grow in Dublin, Ireland.

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Q: Can palm trees grow in Dublin Ireland?
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Is there a tropical part of Ireland where palm trees grow?

Palm trees can grow all over Ireland, even though it does not have a tropical climate.

Do palm trees grow in Ireland?


What is Dublin Ireland's vegetation?

Dublin has a huge range of vegetation, far too extensive to list. Dublin, like the rest of Ireland, has a lot of green. Everything from grass to trees. There are a large variety of deciduous trees and also of evergreen trees. Palm trees grow in Ireland. Dublin has a lot of parks and many of them have extensive garden areas with many kinds of flowers. People also have them in their own gardens. Dublin also has the National Botanic Gardens, where you will find both native and non-native vegetation.

Can peaches grow on palm trees?

Peaches never grow on palm trees. Only coconuts and palm nuts grow from palm trees.

What trees grow in Ireland?

Many kinds of trees grow in Ireland. To give just a few of these, you could say Oak, Horse Chestnut, Sycamore, Cherry; many kinds of fruit trees like ones with apples, pears, plums; various kinds of pine trees and palm trees.

Do bananas grow on palm trees?

No. They grow on banana trees. Palm trees have dates or coconuts.

Do palm trees grow in New Mexico?

Can palm trees grow in alb nm.

Are palm trees native to Ireland?

no ...

How long does it take for palm olives to grow?

There is no "palm olive". There are olive trees that grow olives and then there are date palm trees that grow dates.

Do lagoons have palm trees?

No. Palm trees grow on land, not in the water.

Which season does the palm tree grow in?

Palm trees grow in the fall

What climate do palm trees grow in?

Palm trees grow in warm weather places such as california or florida. cold places like New York and NewJersey do not grow palm trees.

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