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Can papaya and lemon cure pimples?

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Yes they both cure pimples as the lemon has antibacterial properties and it helps to lighten pimple marks. Papaya is well-known in combating pimple causing bacteria.

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It can help your pimples, but it will dry out your skin and get really flaky :)

Because other wise it will not be a papaya. It will be nothing without the lemon.

The acid from the lemon will keep it from turning brown. It also works for apples! It will make the Papaya taste sweeter......

Tea tee oil, aloe vera, squashed bananas, raw papaya juice, cucumber and tomato pulp are some of the natural home remedies for pimples.

My mom used to have a book called "helpfully hints" and it Say's in there that lemon juice is an effective and natural way to dry out pimples. I have tried it and it is help full but it's no miricle cure!

To get rid of acne and pimples buy some acne cream or to prevent them wash your face often.It's great if you will eat more fruits and vegetables avoid oily foods. Use if possible like the natural products orange, papaya, lemon juice, fenugreek, groundnut oil and etc. Don't freak or touch your pimples.

I think it's a NO ..

Yes, the juice and vitamins that are in the lemon soak your pores and regenerates your skin.

Old school treatment ... a cotton ball and witch hazel daily keeps pimples away.

believe it or not, i have it. and I'm trying to find the cure.

If you want to treat it naturally, then you can use lemon juice.

First, you must make sure you're going to vomit. If you feel really bad, and nauseous, a good cure is papaya, papaya pills, gum, or tablets from the doctor. The papaya pills will not only prevent vomiting, but cure nausea, stomachaches, and indigestion.

Yepp it is good for pimples it is but its not....i looked on google and it said the acid in it did it does and maybe doesnt

No, Hydrogen Peroxide will not cure acne. It will reduce bacteria that cause and develop in acne.

No, lemon juice is acidic in its own right.

no it clogs up yur pours and make it worst

Lemon can not cure vaginal itching and should not be inside a vagina. It causes irritation. You need to see a doctor to find out WHY it itches and then they can give you the cure.

Retino Acne works well to get rid of pimples. But you should be patient as it takes time to cure pimples and the marks.

No. Wash your face with soap and water and put a cream on it if it feels dry. Pimples are caused by dirt/oil in the skin pores.

There is a natural way to get of pimples on your skin this is by use of lemon.The acid juice of the lemon.Pimple on the chin mostly happen after shaving it is advisable to go with a lemon and after shaving squeeze the juice off the lemon and apply generously on the chin this will make the wounds heal faster and prevent the pimples for coming out and make the skin heal faster. Use of lemon as natural treatment oi for both men and women.


Nah I tried they cant be cured overnight but I do have a 10 tip list that may reduce zits and pimples by 60%

There is no sure "cure" but you can find products to control your problems. You can try over-the-counter products, but you might want to consult a dermatologist.

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