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It's probably not a good idea to verbally abuse your parole officer. Just take it (his or her verbal abuse) and do what you're supposed to do.

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Q: Can parole officer verbally abuse a parolee And if they do how much trouble can a parolee get into if the parolee does the same?
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Does a parolee have to pay a parole officer?

No, the parolee does not pay the parole officer, but the parolee does pay parole fees to the parole office.

Do parolee have a Right not to reveal their personal problems to employees but the parole officer violates parolee's privacy right?

When a parolee fails a drug test just a tiny bit, his parole officer lets him off on the condition parolee reports to drug test immediately afterwards. Parolee's bossman had a talk with parole officer. Suddenly employee cut off all contacts because Parole Officer told employer parolee failed drug test just one time 3 months ago. Does the parole officer have a right to tell employer or did the parole officer violate the parolee's Privacy Right?

How can parole officer search a roomer house or group home where a parolee rent a bedroom?

The parolee signed a waver of rights when he met his parole officer for the first time. Essentially, in order to stay free, the parolee is made to give the parole officer that right.

Can a parolee in Texas work in a county not covered by his parole officer if the parolee is on an super intensive supervision program?

Yes, they can. They have to have permission from their SISP parole officer to do so, but it is permitted.

How do you get an address for a parolee?

You may send any correspondence "Care Of" the parole office to which the parolee reports. His parole officer will see that the mail is received.

How do you find out who a person's parole officer is?

Call the parole office for the county in which the parolee lives. Identify yourself (or not), identify the parolee, and ask to speak to that person's parole officer. You may not reach him/her, but you will likely be transferred to his/her voicemail.

If a parolee has no where to parole does he have to his parole in prison?

No. In most cases your parole officer will have you meet him on street corner annually to be in compliance.

Where can a parole officer search during a parole sweep?

Everywhere. He has full authority over the parolee.

Can a parole officer regulate the parolee children?

A PO may not directly "regulate" a parolee's children, but the PO may "regulate" the contact the parolee has with his children.

How should a parole officer behave towards a parolee?

The parole officer must comport himself firm but fair and at all times professional.

When does a parole hold get lifted?

The term of their parole is given to the parolee at the time they are released on parole. If they satisfactorily complete their parole they will be notified of that fact by their Parole Officer or the court.

Who does a parole officer answer to if they violate a parolee's rights?

They would answer to law enforcement and the courts.

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