Can peanut oil be substituted for cooking oil?

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Yes, peanut oil is a type of cooking oil. In fact in most cases peanut oil is the preferred type of cooking oil. It is generally considered healthier than most alternatives. It also has a much higher smoke point allowing for cooking in higher temperatures.
Source- Division Manager for cooking oil filtration.
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What is a substitute for cooking oil?

In baking, you can substitute apple sauce for most of the oil. For sauteing, you can use butter, but it may burn. For frying you have to use oil

Can peanut oil be substituted for canola oil?

Most oils used for cooking are somewhat interchangeable. In most cases you could substitute canola oil for peanut oil. You could also use olive oil or grapeseed oil in some fo

Can you cook with peanut oil?

You can fry with peanut oil but i would not recommend cooking with it olive oil or grape oil is the best.
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Can you cook shrimp with peanut oil?

Cooking shrimp with peanut oil is fine. This is not something that many people do, as it can give the shrimp an odd flavor. However, it will still do the job.